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Andrade, Hector; Renaud, Paul E; Wlodarska-Kowalczuk, Maria; Pardus, Joanna; Carroll, Michael L; Cochrane, Sabine K J; Dahle, Salve; Palerud, Rune (2017): Benthic fauna in soft sediments from the Barents and Pechora Seas. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Andrade, H et al. (2017): Benthic fauna in soft sediments from the Barents and Pechora Seas. Metadata and database from Akvaplan-niva AS research expeditions, from 1992-2005. Akvaplan-niva Rapport, APN-6770-001, 14 pp, hdl:10013/epic.51439.d001

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Benthic infaunal abundance data from 138 stations in the Barents Sea and surrounding waters are provided in a public database. All samples were collected with a 0.1 m2 van Veen grab and identification was carried out by professional taxonomists. Most abundance data are presented at the species level.
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Median Latitude: 74.363043 * Median Longitude: 49.021014 * South-bound Latitude: 68.600000 * West-bound Longitude: 8.800000 * North-bound Latitude: 81.100000 * East-bound Longitude: 87.300000
Date/Time Start: 1992-07-13T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2003-08-29T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: m
Arctic_sta1 * Latitude: 68.600000 * Longitude: 50.000000 * Date/Time: 1992-07-13T00:00:00 * Elevation: -53.0 m * Location: Pechora Sea * Comment: Replicate graps = 5, Sieve mesh size = 1 mm
Arctic_sta4 * Latitude: 69.600000 * Longitude: 50.800000 * Date/Time: 1992-07-14T00:00:00 * Elevation: -88.0 m * Location: Pechora Sea * Comment: Replicate graps = 5, Sieve mesh size = 1 mm
Arctic_sta5 * Latitude: 70.100000 * Longitude: 53.400000 * Date/Time: 1992-07-15T00:00:00 * Elevation: -74.0 m * Location: Pechora Sea * Comment: Replicate graps = 5, Sieve mesh size = 1 mm
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventRenaud, Paul E
2DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmRenaud, Paul EGeocode
3ReplicatesRepl#Renaud, Paul Egrabs
4Size fractionFractionRenaud, Paul Emm
5Abietinaria sp.Abietinaria sp.#Renaud, Paul E
6Abyssoninoe hibernicaA. hibernica#Renaud, Paul E
7Abyssoninoe sp.Abyssoninoe sp.#Renaud, Paul E
8Acanthonotozoma cristatumA. cristatum#Renaud, Paul E
9Acanthonotozoma inflatumA. inflatum#Renaud, Paul E
10Acanthonotozoma serratumA. serratum#Renaud, Paul E
11Acanthonotozoma sp.Acanthonotozoma sp.#Renaud, Paul E
12Acanthostepheia behringiensisA. behringiensis#Renaud, Paul E
13Acanthostepheia malmgreniA. malmgreni#Renaud, Paul E
14Aceroides latipesA. latipes#Renaud, Paul E
15Aceroides sedoviA. sedovi#Renaud, Paul E
16Acidostoma obesumA. obesum#Renaud, Paul E
17Actinia sp.Actinia sp.#Renaud, Paul E
18Actiniaria indeterminataActiniaria indet#Renaud, Paul E
19Actiniidae indeterminataActiniidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
20Admete couthouyiA. couthouyi#Renaud, Paul E
21Admete sp.Admete sp.#Renaud, Paul E
22Admete viridulaA. viridula#Renaud, Paul E
23Aeginina longicornisA. longicornis#Renaud, Paul E
24Aeta sp.Aeta sp.#Renaud, Paul E
25Aglaophamus malmgreniA. malmgreni#Renaud, Paul E
26Alcyonacea indeterminataAlcyonacea indet#Renaud, Paul E
27Alcyonidium disciformeA. disciforme#Renaud, Paul E
28Alcyonidium excavatumA. excavatum#Renaud, Paul E
29Alcyonidium gelatinosumA. gelatinosum#Renaud, Paul E
30Alcyonidium gelatinosum andessoniA. gelatinosum andessoni#Renaud, Paul E
31Alcyonidium mamillatumA. mamillatum#Renaud, Paul E
32Alcyonidium mytiliA. mytili#Renaud, Paul E
33Alcyonidium protoseideumA. protoseideum#Renaud, Paul E
34Alcyonidium radicellatumA. radicellatum#Renaud, Paul E
35Alcyonidium sp.Alcyonidium sp.#Renaud, Paul E
36Allia sp.Allia sp.#Renaud, Paul E
37Alvania jeffreysiA. jeffreysi#Renaud, Paul E
38Alvania moerchiA. moerchi#Renaud, Paul E
39Alvania scrobiculataA. scrobiculata#Renaud, Paul E
40Alvania sp.Alvania sp.#Renaud, Paul E
41Alvania viridulaA. viridula#Renaud, Paul E
42Alvania wyvillethomsoniA. wyvillethomsoni#Renaud, Paul E
43Amaeana trilobataA. trilobata#Renaud, Paul E
44Amage auriculaA. auricula#Renaud, Paul E
45Amauropsis islandicaA. islandica#Renaud, Paul E
46Ampelisca eschrichtiiA. eschrichtii#Renaud, Paul E
47Ampelisca macrocephalaA. macrocephala#Renaud, Paul E
48Ampelisca sp.Ampelisca sp.#Renaud, Paul E
49Ampeliscidae indeterminataAmpeliscidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
50Ampharete acutifronsA. acutifrons#Renaud, Paul E
51Ampharete balticaA. baltica#Renaud, Paul E
52Ampharete borealisA. borealis#Renaud, Paul E
53Ampharete finmarchicaA. finmarchica#Renaud, Paul E
54Ampharete goesiA. goesi#Renaud, Paul E
55Ampharete lindstroemiA. lindstroemi#Renaud, Paul E
56Ampharete sp.Ampharete sp.#Renaud, Paul E
57Ampharete vegaAmpharete vega#Renaud, Paul E
58Ampharetidae indeterminataAmpharetidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
59Amphiblestrum auritumA. auritum#Renaud, Paul E
60Amphiblestrum septentrionalisA. septentrionalis#Renaud, Paul E
61Amphiblestrum solidumA. solidum#Renaud, Paul E
62Amphicteis gunneriA. gunneri#Renaud, Paul E
63Amphicteis ninonaeA. ninonae#Renaud, Paul E
64Amphicteis sundevalliA. sundevalli#Renaud, Paul E
65Amphictene auricomaA. auricoma#Renaud, Paul E
66Amphilochidae indeterminataAmphilochidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
67Amphilochus manudensA. manudens#Renaud, Paul E
68Amphilochus sp.Amphilochus sp.#Renaud, Paul E
69Amphipholis torelliA. torelli#Renaud, Paul E
70Amphipoda indeterminataAmphipoda indet#Renaud, Paul E
71Amphiporidae indeterminataAmphiporidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
72Amphitrite cirrataA. cirrata#Renaud, Paul E
73Amphitrite groenlandicaA. groenlandica#Renaud, Paul E
74Amphitritinae indeterminataAmphitritinae indet#Renaud, Paul E
75Amphiura sp.Amphiura sp.#Renaud, Paul E
76Amphiura sundevalliA. sundevalli#Renaud, Paul E
77Ampithoe sp.Ampithoe sp.#Renaud, Paul E
78Anasca spp.Anasca spp.#Renaud, Paul E
79Anatoma crispataA. crispata#Renaud, Paul E
80Anobothrus gracilisA. gracilis#Renaud, Paul E
81Anonyx laticoxaeA. laticoxae#Renaud, Paul E
82Anonyx lilljeborgiiA. lilljeborgii#Renaud, Paul E
83Anonyx nugaxA. nugax#Renaud, Paul E
84Anonyx sarsiA. sarsi#Renaud, Paul E
85Anonyx sp.Anonyx sp.#Renaud, Paul E
86Anopla indeterminataAnopla indet#Renaud, Paul E
87Antalis entalisA. entalis#Renaud, Paul E
88Antalis sp.Antalis sp.#Renaud, Paul E
89Anthozoa indeterminataAnthozoa indet#Renaud, Paul E
90Antinoella badiaA. badia#Renaud, Paul E
91Antinoella sp.Antinoella sp.#Renaud, Paul E
92Aoridae indeterminataAoridae indet#Renaud, Paul E
93Aphelochaeta marioniA. marioni#Renaud, Paul E
94Aphelochaeta sp.Aphelochaeta sp.#Renaud, Paul E
95Apherusa sarsiiA. sarsii#Renaud, Paul E
96Aphroditidae indeterminataAphroditidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
97Apistobranchus sp.Apistobranchus sp.#Renaud, Paul E
98Apistobranchus tullbergiA. tullbergi#Renaud, Paul E
99Aplacophora spp.Aplacophora spp.#Renaud, Paul E
100Apomatus sp.Apomatus sp.#Renaud, Paul E
101Apseudidae indeterminataApseudidae indet#Renaud, Paul E
102Arachnidium simplexA. simplex#Renaud, Paul E
103Arctica islandicaA. islandica#Renaud, Paul E
104Arctinula greenlandicaA. greenlandica#