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Attias, Eric; Minshull, Tim A; Jegen-Kulcsar, Marion; Berndt, Christian (2017): CSEM towed receiver data from Nyegga, CNE03 pockmark. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Attias, Eric; Weitemeyer, Karen; Hölz, Sebastian; Naif, Samer; Minshull, Tim A; Best, Angus; Haroon, Amir; Jegen-Kulcsar, Marion; Berndt, Christian (2018): High-resolution resistivity imaging of marine gas hydrate structures by combined inversion of CSEM towed and ocean-bottom receiver data. Geophysical Journal International,

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We present high-resolution resistivity imaging of gas hydrate pipe-like structures, as derived from marine controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) inversions that combine towed and ocean-bottom electric field receiver data, acquired from the Nyegga region, offshore Norway. Two-dimensional CSEM inversions applied to the towed receiver data detected four new prominent vertical resistive features that are likely gas hydrate structures, located in proximity to a major gas hydrate pipe-like structure, known as the CNE03 pockmark. The resistivity model resulting from the CSEM data inversion resolved the CNE03 hydrate structure in high resolution, as inferred by comparison to seismically constrained inversions. Our results indicate that shallow gas hydrate vertical features can be delineated effectively by inverting both ocean-bottom and towed receiver CSEM data simultaneously. The approach applied here can be utilised to map and monitor seafloor mineralisation, freshwater reservoirs, CO2 sequestration sites and near-surface geothermal systems.
Latitude: 64.754530 * Longitude: 5.069750
Minimum Elevation: -700.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -700.0 m
Nyegga_CNE03 * Latitude: 64.754530 * Longitude: 5.069750 * Elevation: -700.0 m * Campaign: 64PE391 * Basis: Pelagia
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