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Blaauw, Maarten (2010): R-Code for 'classical' age-modelling (CLAM V1.0) of radiocarbon sequences. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Blaauw, M (2010): Methods and code for 'classical' age-modelling of radiocarbon sequences. Quaternary Geochronology, 5(5), 512-518,

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Age–depth models form the backbone of most palaeoenvironmental studies. However, procedures for constructing chronologies vary between studies, they are usually not explained sufficiently, and some are inadequate for handling calibrated radiocarbon dates. An alternative method based on importance sampling through calibrated dates is proposed. Dedicated R code is presented which works with calibrated radiocarbon as well as other dates, and provides a simple, systematic, transparent, documented and customizable alternative. The code automatically produces age–depth models, enabling exploration of the impacts of different assumptions (e.g., model type, hiatuses, age offsets, outliers, and extrapolation).
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