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Emadodin, Iraj; Taravat, Alireza; Rajaei, Masih (2017): Primary satellite data sets of LandSAT 8, TM and ETM+ from Tehran, Iran (1975-2015). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Emadodin, I et al. (2016): Effects of urban sprawl on local climate: A case study, north central Iran. Urban Climate, 17, 230-247,

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Urban sprawl and urbanization as driving forces of land degradation have direct and indirect impacts on local climate dynamic. In this paper, the hypothesis that urban sprawl and unsustainable land use change cause local climate changes has been studied. Tehran as a megacity has been considered to show the urban sprawl and urbanization impacts on local climate. The methodology is divided into two main parts based on the primary datasets (satellite imagery and local climate data). The Landsat images and digital elevation model maps extracted from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 1 Arc-Second Global data of Tehran acquired in every 5 years during June and July from 1975 to 2015 have been used for this study. The second dataset that has been used in this study contains daily mean temperature and precipitation (from 1990 to 2010) of eight meteorological synoptic stations in the study area. The results show that the rapid and unsustainable urban growth have significant effects on local climate. Moreover, it has been found that the urbanization and urban sprawl as well as unsustainable land use change caused significant change (P = 0.005) in evaporation rate in the study area (especially in east and center regions of the city with high population density).
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