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Guérette, Elise-Andrée (2017): Volatile organic compounds (VOC) at time series station Wollongong, 2012-12-21 to 2013-02-15. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Paton-Walsh, Clare; Guérette, Elise-Andrée; Kubistin, Dagmar; Humphries, Ruhi; Wilson, Stephen R; Dominick, Doreena; Galbally, Ian; Buchholz, Rebecca R; Bhujel, Mahendra; Chambers, Scott; Cheng, Min; Cope, Martin; Davy, Perry; Emmerson, Kathryn; Griffith, David W T; Griffiths, Alan; Keywood, Melita; Lawson, Sarah; Molloy, Suzie; Rea, Geraldine; Selleck, Paul; Shi, Xue; Simmons, Jack; Velazco, Voltaire (2017): The MUMBA Campaign: Measurements of Urban, Marine and Biogenic Air. Earth System Science Data, 9(1), 349-362,

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Latitude: -34.397200 * Longitude: 150.899600
Date/Time Start: 2012-12-21T18:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2013-02-15T07:00:00
Minimum HEIGHT above ground: 10 m * Maximum HEIGHT above ground: 10 m
Wollongong_MUMBA * Latitude: -34.397200 * Longitude: 150.899600 * Elevation: 30.0 m * Location: Australia * Device: Monitoring station (MONS)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1DATE/TIMEDate/TimeGuérette, Elise-AndréeGeocode – UTC+10
2HEIGHT above groundHeightmGuérette, Elise-AndréeGeocode
3FormaldehydeHCHOppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
4MethanolCH4OppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
5AcetonitrileAcetonitrileppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
6AcetaldehydeAcetaldehydeppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
7AcetoneAcetoneppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
8IsopreneC5H8ppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
9Methacrolein plus methyl vinyl ketoneMethacrolein + methyl vinyl ketoneppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
10BenzeneC6H6ppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
11TolueneC6H5CH3ppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
12EthylbenzeneC8H10ppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
131,2,3-TrimethylbenzeneC9H12ppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
14MonoterpenesMonoterpenesppbvGuérette, Elise-Andréesee further details
12336 data points

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