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Kolling, Henriette Marie; Stein, Ruediger; Fahl, Kirsten; Perner, Kerstin; Moros, Matthias (2017): Geochemical biomarker analyses on sediment core PS2641-4. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Kolling, HM et al. (2017): Short-term variability in late Holocene sea-ice cover on the East Greenland Shelf and its driving mechanisms. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 485, 336-350,

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Latitude: 73.155000 * Longitude: -19.481660
Date/Time Start: 1994-09-14T21:06:00 * Date/Time End: 1994-09-14T21:06:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.30 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 2.67 m
PS2641-4 (PS31/154) * Latitude: 73.155000 * Longitude: -19.481660 * Date/Time: 1994-09-14T21:06:00 * Elevation: -469.0 m * Penetration: 10.5 m * Recovery: 7 m * Location: East Greenland Sea * Campaign: ARK-X/2 (PS31) * Basis: Polarstern * Method/Device: Gravity corer (Kiel type) (SL) * Comment: 7 core sections: 0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7 m
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmFahl, KirstenGeocode
2AGEAgeka BPFahl, KirstenGeocode
3Carbon, organic, totalTOC%Fahl, KirstenElement analyser CHN, LECO CNS 2000
42,6,10,14-Tetramethyl-7-(3-methylpent-4-enyl)pentadecane per unit sediment massIP25/sedµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
52,6,10,14-Tetramethyl-7-(3-methylpent-4-enyl)pentadecane per unit mass total organic carbonIP25/TOCµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
624-Methylcholesta-5,22E-dien-3beta-ol per unit sediment massBrassicasterol/sedµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
724-Methylcholesta-5,22E-dien-3beta-ol per unit mass total organic carbonBrassicasterol/TOCµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
84alpha,23,24-Trimethyl-5alpha-cholest-22E-en-3beta-ol per unit sediment massDinosterol/sedµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
94alpha,23,24-Trimethyl-5alpha-cholest-22E-en-3beta-ol per unit mass total organic carbonDinosterol/TOCµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
1024-Methylcholest-5-en-3beta-ol per unit sediment massCampesterol/sedµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
1124-Methylcholest-5-en-3beta-ol per unit mass total organic carbonCampesterol/TOCµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
1224-Ethylcholest-5-en-3beta-ol per unit sediment massbeta-Sitosterol/sedµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
1324-Ethylcholest-5-en-3beta-ol per unit mass total organic carbonbeta-Sitosterol/TOCµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
142,10,14-Trimethyl-6-enyl-7-(3-methylpent-1-enyl)pentadecene per unit sediment massC25 HBI diene/sedµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
152,10,14-Trimethyl-6-enyl-7-(3-methylpent-1-enyl)pentadecene per unit mass total organic carbonC25 HBI diene/TOCµg/gFahl, KirstenGas chromatography - Mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
16Phytoplankton biomarker Brassicasterol IP25 indexPBIP25Fahl, KirstenCalculated
17Phytoplankton biomarker Dinosterol IP25 indexPDIP25Fahl, KirstenCalculated
3241 data points

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