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Thomsen, Jörn; Ramesh, Kirti; Sanders, Trystan; Bleich, Markus; Melzner, Frank (2017): Effects of seawater calcium on calcification in mussel larvae. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Thomsen, J et al. (2018): Calcification in a marginal sea - influence of seawater [Ca2+] and carbonate chemistry on bivalve shell formation. Biogeosciences, 15(5), 1469-1482,

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Experiments were performed to test the effect of seawater [Ca2+] on the formation rate of the larval prodissoconch I shell in 'Baltic mussels in combination with modified carbonate chemistry.
In addition, [Ca2+] of the extrapallial fluid were measured in depdendency of the seawater [Ca2+].
These experimental data were correlated with the [Ca2+] present in the Baltic Sea.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1SpeciesSpeciesThomsen, Jörn
2FigureFigThomsen, Jörn
3Sample code/labelSample labelThomsen, Jörn
4LengthlµmThomsen, Jörnshell length
5Calcium ionCa2+mmol/lThomsen, Jörn
6Calcite saturation stateOmega CalThomsen, Jörnkorr. Omega
7Ca2+/H+ exchanger3CAX3Thomsen, JörnCa2+*HCO3-/H+ Exchanger
8Standard errorStd e±Thomsen, Jörn
935 data points

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