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Völker, David; Scholz, Florian; Geersen, Jacob (2016): A compilation of multibeam bathymetric data along the continental slope of Chile. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Völker, D et al. (2011): Analysis of submarine landsliding in the rupture area of the 27 February 2010 Maule earthquake, Central Chile. Marine Geology, 288(1-4), 79-89,

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Median Latitude: -36.124965 * Median Longitude: -73.376369 * South-bound Latitude: -41.033000 * West-bound Longitude: -74.995400 * North-bound Latitude: -32.659600 * East-bound Longitude: -71.930500
Minimum Elevation: -2630.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -2630.0 m
Chile_slope_track * Latitude Start: -32.659620 * Longitude Start: -72.316650 * Latitude End: -37.365910 * Longitude End: -74.350480 * Elevation: -2630.0 m * Location: Chile * Method/Device: Swath bathymetry mapping (SBM) * Comment: A compilation of multibeam bathymetric data acquired during 4 cruises of German (RV Sonne, RV Meteor), and British (R.R.S. James Cook) research vessels.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1NameNameVölker, David
2LONGITUDELongitudeVölker, DavidGeocode – position of centroid
3LATITUDELatitudeVölker, DavidGeocode – position of centroid
4LocationLocationVölker, David
5DEPTH, waterDepth watermVölker, DavidGeocode – max water depth in source area
6DEPTH, waterDepth watermVölker, DavidGeocode – min water depth in source area
7HEIGHT above groundHeightmVölker, DavidGeocode – total
8Area extentAreakm2Völker, Davidtotal
9AngleAngledegVölker, Davidslope angle source area
10AngleAngledegVölker, Davidslope angle toe
11LengthlkmVölker, David
12WidthwkmVölker, David
13WidthwkmVölker, Davidmax
14HeighthmVölker, Davidheadwall
15AreaAream2Völker, Davidtotal
16Reference/sourceReferenceVölker, David
17Reference/sourceReferenceVölker, David
18AreaAream2Völker, David33-34°
19AreaAream2Völker, David34-35°
20AreaAream2Völker, David35-36°
21AreaAream2Völker, David36-37°
22AreaAream2Völker, David37-38°
23AreaAream2Völker, David38-39°
24AreaAream2Völker, David39-40°
25AreaAream2Völker, David40-41°
26AreaAream2Völker, David41-42°
1072 data points

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