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Kuhlmann, Jannis; Huhn, Katrin; Ikari, Matt J (2016): CT scan data and drained direct-shear laboratory experiments on marine tephra Y-7 at site GeoB14403, Gela Basin, Strait of Sicily. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Kuhlmann, J et al. (2016): Do embedded volcanoclastic layers serve as potential glide planes? - An integrated analysis from the Gela Basin offshore southern Sicily. In: Lamarche et al. (eds.) Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences. Springer, Heidelberg, 41, 273-280,

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To gain information on the role of marine tephra Y-7 in the framework of slope stability and failure initiation, high resolution data on radiodensity and mesoporosity was extracted from a 20 cm CT scan of whole-round section GeoB14403 5P-2. Additionally, three drained direct-shear experiments were performed on samples of this section representing the sedimentary transition from overlying homogeneous background sedimentation of silty clay to the volcanoclastic layer.
Median Latitude: 36.856745 * Median Longitude: 14.231745 * South-bound Latitude: 36.856660 * West-bound Longitude: 14.231660 * North-bound Latitude: 36.856830 * East-bound Longitude: 14.231830
Date/Time Start: 2010-06-30T03:16:00 * Date/Time End: 2010-07-01T12:53:00
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