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Boersma, Maarten; Renz, Jasmin (2016): Mesozooplankton abundances at time series station Helgoland Roads, in 2008. PANGAEA,, In: Boersma, Maarten; Greve, Wulf; Renz, Jasmin (2017): Mesozooplankton abundances at time series station Helgoland Roads since 1974. Alfred Wegener Institute - Biological Institute Helgoland, PANGAEA,

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Boersma, Maarten; Wiltshire, Karen Helen; Kong, Sopha-Mith; Greve, Wulf; Renz, Jasmin (2015): Long-term change in the copepod community in the southern German Bight. Journal of Sea Research, 101, 41-50,
Latitude: 54.188330 * Longitude: 7.900000
Date/Time Start: 2008-01-02T09:40:00 * Date/Time End: 2008-12-17T10:05:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: m * Maximum DEPTH, water: m
HelgolandRoads (Kabeltonne) * Latitude: 54.188330 * Longitude: 7.900000 * Elevation: -10.0 m * Location: German Bight, North Sea * Campaign: HelgolandRoadsTimeseries * Basis: Meeresstation Helgoland * Method/Device: Monitoring (MON)
The data provided here represents a summary of species and taxonomic groups. Species and groups added together are shown in the parameter comments (see "Further details").
Empty cells = taxon was not investigated in this sample. Noctiluca and Ostracoda were not investigated in 2008, there are therefore no values for this taxon included here.
"Depth, water = 0" equals an oblique net haul through the entire water column.
Data contact: Maarten Boersma (
PLEASE NOTE: on 2017-01-11 the column for Temora longicornis was corrected because it was found that some values were wrong in the original file.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DATE/TIMEDate/TimeBoersma, MaartenGeocode
2DEPTH, waterDepth watermBoersma, MaartenGeocode
3Copepoda, naupliiCopepoda naup#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
4Acartia spp.Acartia spp.#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
5Calanus spp.Calanus spp.#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
6Centropages spp.Centropages spp.#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
7Pseudocalanus spp.Pseudocalanus spp.#/m3Boersma, MaartenCountingcontains Paracalanus spp.
8Temora longicornisT. longicornis#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
9Oithona spp.Oithona spp.#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
10Copepoda indeterminataCopepoda indet#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
11Cyclopoida indeterminataCyclopoida indet#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
12HarpacticoidaHarpacticoida#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
13Copepoda, otherCopepoda oth#/m3Boersma, MaartenCountingother copepod species, see comments in Further Details
14AmphipodaAmphipoda#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
15CirripediaCirripedia#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
16CladoceraCladocera#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
17CumaceaCumacea#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
18Decapoda, zoeaDecapoda zoea#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
19Decapoda, megalopaMegalopa#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
20IsopodaIsopoda#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
21MysidaceaMysidacea#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
22PantopodaPantopoda#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
23AnnelidaAnnelida#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
24AppendiculariaAppendic#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
25AnthozoaAnthozoa#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
26BryozoaBryozoa#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
27CtenophoraCtenophora#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
28ChaetognathaChaetognatha#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
29CoelenterataCoelenterata#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
30Echinodermata, larvaeEchinod larv#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
31Echinodermata, juvenileEchinod juv#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
32Eggs indeterminataEggs indet#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
33Fish eggsFish eggs#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
34Fish larvaeFish larv#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
35HydrozoaHydrozoa#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
36MolluscaMollusca#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
37NemerteaNemertea#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
38TunicataTunicata#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
39CephalochordataCephalochordata#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
40PhoronidaPhoronida#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
41PlathelminthesPlathelminthes#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
42Mesozooplankton, other groupsMesozoopl oth#/m3Boersma, MaartenCounting
2040 data points

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