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Bréon, François-Marie (2016): A BRDF-BPDF database for the analysis of Earth targets reflectances. Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l'environnement, Saclay, PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Bréon, François-Marie; Maignan, Fabienne (2016): A BRDF-BPDF database for the analysis of Earth targets reflectances. Earth System Science Data, 9, 31-45,

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A database of representative BRDF and BPDF derived from the POLDER measurements. From the huge amount of data acquired by the spaceborne instrument over a period of 7 years, we selected a set of targets with high quality observations. The selection aimed at a large number of observations, free of cloud or aerosol contamination, acquired in diverse observation geometry with a focus on the backscatter direction that shows the specific Hot-Spot signature. The targets are sorted according to the 16-classes IGBP land cover classification system and the target selection aims at a spatial representativeness within the class. The database thus provides a set of high quality BRDF and BPDF samples that can be used to assess the typical variability of natural surface reflectances or to evaluate models.
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