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Himmler, Tobias; Birgel, Daniel; Bayon, Germain; Pape, Thomas; Ge, Lu; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Peckmann, Jörn (2016): Isotopes content, mineralogical composition, Uranium and Thorium contents and determined activity ratios from METEOR cruise M74/3 in 2007. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Himmler, Tobias; Birgel, Daniel; Bayon, Germain; Pape, Thomas; Ge, Shemin; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Peckmann, Jörn (2015): Formation of seep carbonates along the Makran convergent margin, northern Arabian Sea and a molecular and isotopic approach to constrain the carbon isotopic composition of parent methane. Chemical Geology, 415, 102-117,

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Authigenic carbonate deposits have been sampled with the remotely operated vehicle 'MARUM-QUEST 4000 m' from five methane seeps between 731 and 1823 m water depth along the convergent Makran continental margin, offshore Pakistan (northern Arabian Sea). Two seeps on the upper slope are located within the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ; ca. 100 to 1100 m water depth), the other sites are situated in oxygenated water below the OMZ (below 1100 m water depth). The carbonate deposits vary with regard to their spatial extent, sedimentary fabrics, and associated seep fauna: Within the OMZ, carbonates are spatially restricted and associated with microbial mats, whereas in the oxygenated zone below the OMZ extensive carbonate crusts are exposed on the seafloor with abundant metazoans (bathymodiolin mussels, tube worms, galatheid crabs). Aragonite and Mg-calcite are the dominant carbonate minerals, forming common early diagenetic microcrystalline cement and clotted to radial-fibrous cement. The delta18O carbonate values range from 1.3 to 4.2 per mil V-PDB, indicating carbonate precipitation at ambient bottom-water temperature in shallow sediment depth. Extremely low delta13Ccarbonate values (as low - 54.6per mil V-PDB) point to anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) as trigger for carbonate precipitation, with biogenic methane as dominant carbon source. Prevalence of biogenic methane in the seepage gas is corroborated by delta13C methane values ranging from - 70.3 to - 66.7per mil V-PDB, and also by back-calculations considering delta 13C methane values of carbonate and incorporated lipid biomarkers.
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Bohrmann, Gerhard; Bahr, André; Brinkmann, Florian; Brüning, Markus; Buhmann, Sitta; Diekamp, Volker; Enneking, Karsten; Fischer, David; Gassner, André; von Halem, Gregor; Hüttich, Daniel; Kasten, Sabine; Klapp, Stephan A; Nasir, Muhammad; Nowald, Nicolas; Ochsenhirt, Wolf-Thilo; Pape, Thomas; Ratmeyer, Volker; Rehage, Ralf; Rethemeyer, Janet; Reuter, Michael; Rossel, Pamela E; Saleem, Monawwar; Schmidt, Werner; Seiter, Christian; Stephan, Sebastian; Thomanek, Kim; Wittenberg, Nina; Yoshinaga, Marcos Yukio; Zonneveld, Karin A F (2008): Report and preliminary results of R/V Meteor Cruise M74/3, Fujairah - Male, 30 October - 28 November, 2007. Cold Seeps of the Makran subduction zone (Continental margin of Pakistan). Berichte aus dem Fachbereich Geowissenschaften der Universität Bremen, 266, 161 pp, urn:nbn:de:gbv:46-ep000106366
Himmler, Tobias; Bach, Wolfgang; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Peckmann, Jörn (2010): Rare earth elements in authigenic methane-seep carbonates as tracers for fluid composition during early diagenesis. Chemical Geology, 277(1-2), 126-136,
Römer, Miriam; Sahling, Heiko; Pape, Thomas; Spieß, Volkhard; Bohrmann, Gerhard (2012): Quantification of gas bubble emissions from submarine hydrocarbon seeps at the Makran continental margin (offshore Pakistan). Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 117, C10015,
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Median Latitude: 24.719474 * Median Longitude: 63.127038 * South-bound Latitude: 24.580133 * West-bound Longitude: 62.737433 * North-bound Latitude: 24.846400 * East-bound Longitude: 63.994233
Date/Time Start: 2007-11-06T13:22:00 * Date/Time End: 2007-11-20T15:22:00
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