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Sánchez, Laura; Drewes, Hermann (2016): SIR15P01: Multiyear solution for the SIRGAS Reference Frame, link to ZIP archive. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Sánchez, L; Drewes, H (2016): Crustal deformation and surface kinematics after the 2010 earthquakes in Latin America. Journal of Geodynamics, 102, 1-23,

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Content of ZIP file SIR15P01
- SIR15P01.SNX: SINEX file with station positions and velocities
- SIR15P01_XYZ.CRD: geocentric Cartesian station positions
- SIR15P01_XYZ.VEL: geocentric Cartesian station velocities
- SIR15P01_NEH.CRD: ellipsoidal station positions
- SIR15P01_NEH.VEL: ellipsoidal station velocities
- SIR15P01_TS.LST: SIR15P01: residual station position time series in [m] with respect to coordinates included in SIR15P01 CRD and VEL files
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