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Karstensen, Johannes (2016): Physical oceanography from CVOO mooring KPO_1060. PANGAEA,

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Latitude: 17.600000 * Longitude: -24.233333
Date/Time Start: 2011-06-18T23:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-10-26T16:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: 9.52 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 3490.83 m
MSM22_673-1 (KPO_1060) * Latitude: 17.600000 * Longitude: -24.233333 * Date/Time: 2012-10-24T13:40:00 * Campaign: MSM22 * Basis: Maria S. Merian * Method/Device: Mooring (MOOR)
CVOO: Cape Verde Ocean Observatory Project
Label:kpo_1060_01 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:949
Label:kpo_1060_02 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:954
Label:kpo_1060_03 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:961
Label:kpo_1060_04 Type:Aanderaa Optode SN:937
Label:kpo_1060_05 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:278
Label:kpo_1060_07 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:910
Label:kpo_1060_08 Type:Sunburst SAMI CO2-Sensor SN:25
Label:kpo_1060_09 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:934
Label:kpo_1060_11 Type:Sunburst SAMI CO2-Sensor SN:37
Label:kpo_1060_12 Type:Aanderaa Optode SN:946
Label:kpo_1060_13 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2488
Label:kpo_1060_14 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:921
Label:kpo_1060_15 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:929
Label:kpo_1060_16 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:10501
Label:kpo_1060_17 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2263
Label:kpo_1060_18 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:780
Label:kpo_1060_19 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:55
Label:kpo_1060_21 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:9726
Label:kpo_1060_22 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2712
Label:kpo_1060_23 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:937
Label:kpo_1060_24 Type:GEOMAR Mini T-D Logger SN:48
Label:kpo_1060_25 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:939
Label:kpo_1060_26 Type:GEOMAR Mini T-D Logger SN:58
Label:kpo_1060_27 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:935
Label:kpo_1060_28 Type:GEOMAR Mini T-D Logger SN:67
Label:kpo_1060_30 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:11442
Label:kpo_1060_31 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:933
Label:kpo_1060_32 Type:GEOMAR Mini T-D Logger SN:69
2531624 data points

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