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Karstensen, Johannes (2016): Physical oceanography from CVOO mooring KPO_1006. PANGAEA,

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Latitude: 17.589833 * Longitude: -24.252000
Date/Time Start: 2006-07-08T17:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2008-02-19T08:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, water: -10.39 m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 3554.08 m
AT08_4-V440_1 * Latitude: 17.589833 * Longitude: -24.252000 * Date/Time: 2008-02-19T08:23:00 * Elevation: -3601.0 m * Campaign: ATA08_04 (IFM-GEOMAR/4) * Basis: L Atalante * Method/Device: Mooring (MOOR) * Comment: recovery
CVOO: Cape Verde Ocean Observatory Project
Label:kpo_1006_01 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:3753
Label:kpo_1006_02 Type:Fluorometer SN:269
Label:kpo_1006_03 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:3752
Label:kpo_1006_04 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:1162
Label:kpo_1006_05 Type:Teledyne RDI ADCP SN:1522
Label:kpo_1006_06 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:3755
Label:kpo_1006_07 Type:Aanderaa RCM-11 SN:325
Label:kpo_1006_09 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2252
Label:kpo_1006_10 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:10810
Label:kpo_1006_11 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2255
Label:kpo_1006_12 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:3754
Label:kpo_1006_13 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2256
Label:kpo_1006_14 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2254
Label:kpo_1006_15 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:11622
Label:kpo_1006_16 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:3415
Label:kpo_1006_17 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2257
Label:kpo_1006_18 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:11265
Label:kpo_1006_19 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2279
Label:kpo_1006_21 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:3757
Label:kpo_1006_22 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:1550
Label:kpo_1006_23 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:11267
Label:kpo_1006_25 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2717
Label:kpo_1006_26 Type:GEOMAR Mini T_D Logger SN:63
Label:kpo_1006_27 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:10818
Label:kpo_1006_28 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:1268
Label:kpo_1006_29 Type:GEOMAR Mini T_D Logger SN:64
Label:kpo_1006_30 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2933
Label:kpo_1006_31 Type:GEOMAR Mini T_D Logger SN:65
Label:kpo_1006_32 Type:Aanderaa RCM-8 SN:10776
Label:kpo_1006_33 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2617
Label:kpo_1006_34 Type:GEOMAR Mini T_D Logger SN:72
Label:kpo_1006_35 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2618
Label:kpo_1006_36 Type:Seabird Microcat SN:2472
3984701 data points

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