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Kulgemeyer, Tobias; von Dobeneck, Tilo; Müller, Hendrik; Bryan, Karin R; de Lange, Willem P; Battershill, Christopher N (2016): Bay of Plenty facies classification. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Kulgemeyer, T et al. (2016): Lithofacies distribution and sediment dynamics on a storm-dominated shelf from combined photographic, acoustic and sedimentological profiling methods (Bay of Plenty, New Zealand). Marine Geology, 376, 158-174,

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Median Latitude: -37.628555 * Median Longitude: 176.258136 * South-bound Latitude: -37.748527 * West-bound Longitude: 176.013200 * North-bound Latitude: -37.436220 * East-bound Longitude: 176.459298
BoP_1 (1) * Latitude: -37.457840 * Longitude: 176.013200 * Location: Bay of Plenty * Method/Device: van Veen Grab (VGRAB) * Comment: December 2013
BoP_2 (2) * Latitude: -37.454560 * Longitude: 176.020170 * Location: Bay of Plenty * Method/Device: van Veen Grab (VGRAB) * Comment: December 2013
BoP_3 (3) * Latitude: -37.449980 * Longitude: 176.029900 * Location: Bay of Plenty * Method/Device: van Veen Grab (VGRAB) * Comment: December 2013
Photofacies: 1 = 1 Grayish black, medium sand, 2 = Grayish black, medium to coarse sand, 3 = Greenish black, coarse sand, 4 = Medium dark gray + light olive, coarse to very coarse sand, 5 = Medium dark gray, very coarse sand; pebbles, cobbles, 6 = Shell detritus.
Mineralogy type: I = Ca. 2.5% mafic, volcanic glass, II = Ca. 5% mafic, rock fragments, rare volcanic glass, III = Terrigenous fraction like II, ca. 25% biogenic carbonates, IV = Terrigenous fraction similar to II, ca. 50% biogenic carbonates.
Grain size group: A = Bimodal fine sand, B = Bimodal medium sand, C = Medium sand, D = Coarse sand, E = Coarse sand between pebbles, cobbles, F = Coarse to very coarse sand.
Lithofacies class: 1 = Widespread, late Holocene deposit, 2a = Widespread, early Holocene deposit, some mixing with facies 1, 2b = Patches, early Holocene deposit, 3a = Widespread, early Holocene deposit, 3b = Patches, the oldest early Holocene deposit, 4 = Only at Okurei Point, transported shells mixed with facies 2b, 5 = Only south of Motiti Island, facies 2a/3a influenced by local sources, 6 = Shell detritus.
Project: INTERCOAST - Integrated Coastal Zone and Shelf Sea Research
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventKulgemeyer, Tobias
2Latitude of eventLatitudeKulgemeyer, Tobias
3Longitude of eventLongitudeKulgemeyer, Tobias
4Facies name/codeFaciesKulgemeyer, TobiasPhotofacies
5TypeTypeKulgemeyer, TobiasMineralogy type
6Grain size descriptionGrain size descrKulgemeyer, TobiasGrain size group
7Lithology/composition/faciesLithologyKulgemeyer, TobiasLithofacies class
272 data points

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