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Krahmann, Gerd (2016): Physical oceanography from glider mission IFM03_depl08 (old version). PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Thomsen, Soeren; Kanzow, Torsten; Krahmann, Gerd; Greatbatch, Richard J; Dengler, Marcus; Lavik, Gaute (2016): The formation of a subsurface anticyclonic eddy in the Peru-Chile Undercurrent and its impact on the near-coastal salinity, oxygen, and nutrient distributions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 121(1), 476-501,

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New version:
Dengler, Marcus; Krahmann, Gerd (2018): Physical oceanography from glider mission IFM03_depl08. PANGAEA,
Latitude: -12.312500 * Longitude: -77.446167
Date/Time Start: 2013-01-25T18:57:00 * Date/Time End: 2013-01-25T18:57:00
Minimum Elevation: -202.9 m * Maximum Elevation: -202.9 m
M92_0222-1 * Latitude: -12.312500 * Longitude: -77.446167 * Date/Time: 2013-01-25T18:57:00 * Elevation: -202.9 m * Campaign: M92 * Basis: Meteor (1986) * Method/Device: Glider (GLD)
Netcdf file created from GEOMAR processed glider data. Based on data from file ifm03_depl08_final_gridded.mat . Glider deployment ID : ifm03 deployment number 8 in January 2013 off Peru
Parameter: Temperature, Salinity, Oxygen, Turbidity, Fluorescence, CDOM
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