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Garzke, Jessica; Connor, Stephanie J; Sommer, Ulrich; O'Connor, Mary I (2016): Freshwater mesocosm experiment 2012 in Vancouver, Canada on effects of increased temperature and food chain length on oxygen fluxes and plankton community structure. PANGAEA, (unpublished dataset), Supplement to: Garzke, J et al. (2019): Trophic interactions modify the temperature dependence of community biomass and ecosystem function. PLoS Biology, 17(6), e2006806,

Over broad thermal gradients, the effect of temperature on aerobic respiration and photosynthesis rates explains variation in community structure and function. Yet for local communities, temperature dependent trophic interactions may dominate effects of warming. We tested the hypothesis that food chain length modifies the temperature-dependence of ecosystem fluxes and community structure. In a multi-generation aquatic food web experiment, increasing temperature strengthened a trophic cascade, altering the effect of temperature on estimated mass-corrected ecosystem fluxes. Compared to consumer-free and 3-level food chains, grazer-algae (2-level) food chains responded most strongly to the temperature gradient. Temperature altered community structure, shifting species composition and reducing zooplankton density and body size. Still, food chain length did not alter the temperature dependence of net ecosystem fluxes. We conclude that locally, food chain length interacts with temperature to modify community structure, but only temperature, not food chain length influenced net ecosystem fluxes.
Further details:
Garzke, Jessica; O'Connor, Mary I (2016): R Code for mixed effects models. hdl:10013/epic.47915.d001
Date/Time Start: 2012-07-03T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-08-28T00:00:00
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