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Niino, Hiroshi (1955): Analyses of Manganese nodules off Izu Island. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Niino, H (1955): On a manganese nodule and Perotrochus beyrichii dredged from the banks near the Izu Islands. Records of Oceanographic works in Japan, 2(2), 120-126, hdl:10013/epic.47489.d001

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Manganese nodules have been found by the author in the shallow waters of the Hyotan-se bank west of Shikime-jima, an island of the Izu archipelago in the Sea of Japan. The slopes around the bank are steep and rocks are exposed; gravels and coarse material cover the broad and flat plain on its top; andesite and basalt, which are very common in the bedrock, are found mingled with liparite gravels together with a number of manganese concretions from the bank.
Source data set:
Grant, John Bruce; Moore, Carla J; Alameddin, George; Chen, Kuiying; Barton, Mark (1992): The NOAA and MMS Marine Minerals Geochemical Database. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA,
Further details:
Warnken, Robin R; Virden, William T; Moore, Carla J (1992): The NOAA and MMS Marine Minerals Bibliography. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA,
Latitude: 34.385000 * Longitude: 139.088000
Niino_9 (JAPAN_B) * Latitude: 34.385000 * Longitude: 139.088000 * Elevation: -260.0 m * Location: Japan Sea * Campaign: HAM_1968-1976 * Basis: Hakuho-Maru * Device: Dredge (DRG)
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