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Owen, D M (1949): Annotated record of the detailed examination of Mn deposits from R/V Atlantis - Cruise 151 (Dec. 1947) in the Atlantic Ocean. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Owen, DM (1949): Atlantis Cruise 151 to Mediterranean area - scientific report No. 2 - bottom samples and underwater photography. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution;, 49-08, 31 pp, hdl:10013/epic.47451.d002

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One of the objectives of WHOI Atlantis Cruise 151, covering the period from 7 December 1947 to 18 June 1948, was to obtain as complete a sampling of the sea bottom of the Meditterranean and Aegean Seas as was compatible with the remainder of the scientific program. It was furthermore planned to make concurrent bottom photographs as a means for studying the correlation between bottom sediments and the morphology of the sea floor. The photographs also held the possibility of determining the presence of bottom fauna. The underwater camera used for this work was loaned to us by Dr. Maurice Ewing of Columbia University. As it was fitted with a one foot long coring tube at the base of its pole a majority of the bottom samples were obtained by the camera itself. On the way to Gibraltar, several bottom photos were taken in the Atlantic ocean. One of them was the deepest underwater photograph ever taken at the tima (3026 fathoms) showing a cluster of objects, some as much as 5 inches across on a clay bottom. These appeared to be manganese nodules, judging from their rounded and bulbous shape, especially the potato-like form of some of them. A core sample obtained at the same spot with a corer attached to the camera stand contained abundant manganese grains.
Source data set:
Grant, John Bruce; Moore, Carla J; Alameddin, George; Chen, Kuiying; Barton, Mark (1992): The NOAA and MMS Marine Minerals Geochemical Database. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA,
Further details:
Warnken, Robin R; Virden, William T; Moore, Carla J (1992): The NOAA and MMS Marine Minerals Bibliography. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA,
Latitude: 30.616000 * Longitude: -59.116000
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.000 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.000 m
AT151-73C * Latitude: 30.616000 * Longitude: -59.116000 * Elevation: -5534.0 m * Location: Atlantic Ocean * Campaign: AT151 * Basis: Atlantis (1931) * Device: Photo/Video (PV)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1IdentificationIDOwen, D M
2DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmOwen, D MGeocode
3PositionPositionOwen, D MVisual description
4Deposit typeDeposit typeOwen, D M
5Quantity of depositQuantityOwen, D M
6SizeSizeOwen, D M
7Sediment typeSedimentOwen, D M
8DescriptionDescriptionOwen, D M
9Uniform resource locator/link to imageURL imageOwen, D MIllustration of deposit
8 data points

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