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Bange, Hermann Werner; Malien, Frank (2015): Hydrochemistry from time series station Boknis Eck from 1957 to 2014. PANGAEA,

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Lennartz, Sinikka T; Lehmann, Andreas; Herrford, Josefine; Malien, Frank; Hansen, Hans Peter; Biester, Harald; Bange, Hermann Werner (2014): Long-term trends at the Boknis Eck time series station (Baltic Sea), 1957–2013: does climate change counteract the decline in eutrophication? Biogeosciences, 11(22), 6323-6339,
Bange, Hermann Werner; Malien, Frank (2014): Boknis Eck Timeseries Database.
Latitude: 54.529500 * Longitude: 10.039330
Date/Time Start: 1957-04-30T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2014-12-16T11:06:33
Minimum DEPTH, water: m * Maximum DEPTH, water: 35 m
Boknis_Eck_1957 * Latitude: 54.529500 * Longitude: 10.039330 * Date/Time: 1957-04-30T00:00:00 * Method/Device: CTD/Rosette (CTD-RO)
Flags according to WOCE standard
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DATE/TIMEDate/TimeBange, Hermann WernerGeocode
2Latitude of eventLatitude
3Longitude of eventLongitude
4DEPTH, waterDepth watermBange, Hermann WernerGeocode
5Cast numberCastBange, Hermann Werner
6Sample code/labelSample labelBange, Hermann Werner
7Chlorophyll aChl aµg/lBange, Hermann Werner
8Nitrate[NO3]-µmol/lBange, Hermann Werner
9FlagFlagBange, Hermann WernerNO3
10Nitrite[NO2]-µmol/lBange, Hermann Werner
11FlagFlagBange, Hermann WernerNO2
12OxygenO2µmol/kgBange, Hermann Werner
13FlagFlagBange, Hermann WernerOxygen
14Phosphate[PO4]3-µmol/lBange, Hermann Werner
15FlagFlagBange, Hermann WernerPO4
16SalinitySalBange, Hermann Werner
17Silicon dioxideSiO2µmol/lBange, Hermann Werner
18FlagFlagBange, Hermann WernerSiO2
19Temperature, waterTemp°CBange, Hermann Werner
44574 data points

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