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Kiko, Rainer; Hauss, Helena; Löscher, Carolin R; Engel, Anja; Loginova, Alexandra; Meyer, Judith (2015): Mesocosm experiment Cape Verde 2012: Data. PANGAEA,

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Two 7-day mesocosm experiments were conducted in October 2012 at the Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas (INDP), Mindelo, Cape Verde. Surface water was collected at night before the start of the respective experiment with RV Islândia south of São Vicente (16°44.4'N, 25°09.4'W) and transported to shore using four 600L food safe intermediate bulk containers. Sixteen mesocosm bags were distributed in four flow-through water baths and shaded with blue, transparent lids to approximately 20% of surface irradiation. Mesocosm bags were filled from the containers by gravity, using a submerged hose to minimize bubbles. The accurate volume inside the individual bags was calculated after addition of 1.5 mmol silicate and measuring the resulting silicate concentration. The volume ranged from 105.5 to 145 L. The experimental manipulation comprised addition of different amounts of inorganic N and P. In the first experiment, the P supply was changed at constant N supply in thirteen of the sixteen units, while in the second experiment the N supply was changed at constant P supply in twelve of the sixteen units. In addition to this, “cornerpoints” were chosen that were repeated during both experiments. Four cornerpoints should have been repeated, but setting the nutrient levels in one mesocosm was not succesfull and therefore this mesocosm also was set at the center point conditions. Experimental treatments were evenly distributed between the four water baths. Initial sampling of the mesocosms on day 1 of each run was conducted between 9:45 and 11:30. After nutrient manipulation, sampling was conducted on a daily basis between 09:00 and 10:30 for days 2 to 8.
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Engel, Anja; Borchard, Corinna; Loginova, Alexandra; Meyer, Judith; Hauss, Helena; Kiko, Rainer (2015): Effects of varied nitrate and phosphate supply on polysaccharidic and proteinaceous gel particle production during tropical phytoplankton bloom experiments. Biogeosciences, 12(19), 5647-5665,
Loginova, Alexandra; Borchard, Corinna; Meyer, Judith; Hauss, Helena; Kiko, Rainer; Engel, Anja (2015): Effects of nitrate and phosphate supply on chromophoric and fluorescent dissolved organic matter in the Eastern Tropical North Atlantic: a mesocosm study. Biogeosciences, 12(23), 6897-6914,
Meyer, Judith; Löscher, Carolin R; Neulinger, Sven C; Reichel, Anna; Loginova, Alexandra; Borchard, Corinna; Schmitz, Ruth A; Hauss, Helena; Kiko, Rainer; Riebesell, Ulf (2016): Changing nutrient stoichiometry affects phytoplankton production, DOP accumulation and dinitrogen fixation – a mesocosm experiment in the eastern tropical North Atlantic. Biogeosciences, 13(3), 781-794,
German Science Foundation (DFG), grant/award no. 27542298: Climate - Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical Ocean
Latitude: 16.740000 * Longitude: -25.156600
Date/Time Start: 2012-10-02T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-10-19T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: -5.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -5.0 m
CapeVerde_2012_Mesocosm * Latitude: 16.740000 * Longitude: -25.156600 * Date/Time Start: 2012-10-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-10-12T00:00:00 * Elevation: -5.0 m * Location: Cape Verde * Method/Device: Mesocosm experiment (MESO)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1IdentificationIDKiko, RainerSet_Up_Index
2Run IDRun IDKiko, Rainer
3Day of experimentDOEdayKiko, Rainer
4DATE/TIMEDate/TimeKiko, RainerGeocode
5Sample code/labelSample labelKiko, RainerMesocosm ID
6Temperature, waterTemp°CKiko, Rainer
7SalinitySalKiko, Rainer
8FlagFlagKiko, RainerSalinity
9OxygenO2µmol/lKiko, Rainer
10FlagFlagKiko, RainerOxygen
11pHpHKiko, Rainer
12FlagFlagKiko, RainerpH
13Carbon, organic, particulatePOCµmol/lMeyer, Judith
14FlagFlagMeyer, JudithPOC
15Nitrogen, organic, particulatePONµmol/lMeyer, Judith
16FlagFlagMeyer, JudithPON
17Phosphorus, organic, particulatePOPµmol/lMeyer, Judith
18FlagFlagMeyer, JudithPOP
19Chlorophyll aChl aµg/lMeyer, Judith
20FlagFlagMeyer, JudithChla
21Phosphate[PO4]3-µmol/lKiko, Rainer
22Phosphate, standard deviationPO4 std dev±Kiko, Rainer
23FlagFlagKiko, RainerPO4
24Nitrate and Nitrite[NO3]- + [NO2]-µmol/lKiko, Rainer
25Nitrate and Nitrite, standard deviation[NO3]- + [NO2]- std dev±Kiko, Rainer
26FlagFlagKiko, RainerNO3andNO2
27Nitrite[NO2]-µmol/lKiko, Rainer
28Nitrite, standard deviation[NO2]- std dev±Kiko, Rainer
29FlagFlagKiko, RainerNO2
30SilicateSi(OH)4µmol/lKiko, Rainer
31Silicate, standard deviationSi(OH)4 std dev±Kiko, Rainer
32FlagFlagKiko, RainerSiO
33Ammonium[NH4]+µmol/lKiko, Rainer
34FlagFlagKiko, RainerNH4
35BacteriaBact#/mlKiko, Rainer
36FlagFlagKiko, RainerBacteria_no_ml
37ProchlorococcusProchlorococcus#/mlKiko, RainerG1
38FlagFlagKiko, RainerG1_Prochlorococcus_no_ml
39ProchlorococcusProchlorococcus#/mlKiko, RainerG2
40FlagFlagKiko, RainerG2_no_ml
41ProchlorococcusProchlorococcus#/mlKiko, RainerG3
42FlagFlagKiko, RainerG3_no_ml
43ProchlorococcusProchlorococcus#/mlKiko, RainerG4
44FlagFlagKiko, RainerG4_no_ml
45SumSum#Kiko, Rainerother_phyto
46FlagFlagKiko, Rainersum_other_phyto
47amoA gene, copy numberamoA copies#/mlLöscher, Carolin R
48FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin Rgene abundance of ammonium-oxidizing bacteria
49Bacterial nitrogen fixation, filamentousnifH_fil#/lLöscher, Carolin R
50FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin Rgene abundance of filamentous cyanobacteria
51Bacterial nitrogen fixation, ChrocosphaeranifH_Chroch#/lLöscher, Carolin R
52FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin RUCYN-B gene abundance
53Bacterial nitrogen fixation, CyanothesenifH_Cyano#/lLöscher, Carolin R
54FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin RCyanothece gene abundance
55Bacterial nitrogen fixation, GammaAOnifH_Gamma#/lLöscher, Carolin R
56FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin Rgamma proteobacterial gene abundance
57Bacterial nitrogen fixation, UCYN-AnifH_UCYN#/lLöscher, Carolin R
58FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin RUCYN-A gene abundance
59Nitrogen fixation rateN2 fixnmol/l/dayLöscher, Carolin R
60FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin RN2_fixation
61Carbon fixation rateC fixµmol/l/hLöscher, Carolin R
62FlagFlagLöscher, Carolin RC_fixation
63Abundance per volumeAbund v#/mlLöscher, Carolin Rtranscript abundance of Richelia associated to Rhilzosolenia (transcripts/l)
64Abundance per volumeAbund v#/mlLöscher, Carolin Rtranscript abundance of Richelia associated to Hemiaulus (transcripts/l)
65Chlorophyll c3Chl c3µg/lMeyer, Judith
66FlagFlagMeyer, JudithC3
67Chlorophyll c2Chl c2µg/lMeyer, Judith
68FlagFlagMeyer, JudithC2
69PeridininPeridµg/lMeyer, Judith
70FlagFlagMeyer, JudithPeri
7119-ButanoyloxyfucoxanthinBut-fucoµg/lMeyer, Judith
72FlagFlagMeyer, Judith19_But
73FucoxanthinFucoµg/lMeyer, Judith
74FlagFlagMeyer, JudithFuco
75PrasinoxanthinPrasµg/lMeyer, Judith
76FlagFlagMeyer, JudithPras
77ViolaxanthinViolaµg/lMeyer, Judith
78FlagFlagMeyer, JudithVio
7919-HexanoyloxyfucoxanthinHex-fucoµg/lMeyer, Judith
80FlagFlagMeyer, Judith19_Hex
81DiadinoxanthinDiadinoµg/lMeyer, Judith
82FlagFlagMeyer, JudithDiadino
83AlloxanthinAlloµg/lMeyer, Judith
84FlagFlagMeyer, JudithAllox
85DiatoxanthinDiatoµg/lMeyer, Judith
86FlagFlagMeyer, JudithDiatox
87ZeaxanthinZeaµg/lMeyer, Judith
88FlagFlagMeyer, JudithZeax
89Divinyl chlorophyll bDV chl bµg/lMeyer, Judith
90FlagFlagMeyer, JudithDivb
91Chlorophyll bChl bµg/lMeyer, Judith
92FlagFlagMeyer, JudithChlb
93Chlorophyll aChl aµg/lMeyer, Judith
94FlagFlagMeyer, JudithPig_Chla
95Divinyl chlorophyll aDV chl aµg/lMeyer, Judith
96FlagFlagMeyer, JudithDiva
97beta-Carotene, beta,beta-Carotenebb-Carµg/lMeyer, Judith
98FlagFlagMeyer, Judithbeta_Caro
99Nitrate[NO3]-µmol/lKiko, Rainer
100FlagFlagKiko, RainerNO3
101Nitrogen, organic, dissolvedDONµmol/lMeyer, Judith
102FlagFlagMeyer, JudithDON_B2
103Phosphorus, organic, dissolvedDOPµmol/lMeyer, Judith
104FlagFlagMeyer, JudithDOP
24942 data points

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