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Pettinari, M Lucrecia (2015): Global Fuelbed Dataset. Department of Geology, Geography and Environment, University of Alcala, Spain, PANGAEA,

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This dataset presents the first global fuel map, containing all the parameters required to be input in the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS). The dataset was developed from different spatial variables, both based on satellite Earth observation products and fuel databases, and is comprised by a global fuelbed map and a database that includes the parameters of each fuelbed that affect fire behavior and effects. A total of 274 fuelbeds were created and parameterized, and can be input into FCCS to obtain fire potentials, surface fire behavior and carbon biomass for each fuelbed.
The global fuel dataset can be used for a varied range of applications, including fire danger assessment, fire behavior estimations, fuel consumption calculations and emissions inventories.
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1File nameFile namePettinari, M Lucrecia
2File sizeFile sizekBytePettinari, M Lucrecia
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