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Nomura, Daiki; Assmy, Philipp; Nehrke, Gernot; Granskog, Mats A; Fischer, Michael; Dieckmann, Gerhard S; Fransson, Agneta; Hu, Yubin; Schnetger, Bernhard (2013): (Table 2) Temperature and salinity of sampled snow, sea ice and slush/brine during R/V Lance cruise in April-May 2011. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Nomura, D et al. (2013): Characterization of ikaite (CaCO3 6H2O) crystals in first-year Arctic sea ice north of Svalbard. Annals of Glaciology, 54(62), 125-131,

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Median Latitude: 80.843645 * Median Longitude: 15.564825 * South-bound Latitude: 80.546110 * West-bound Longitude: 12.274170 * North-bound Latitude: 81.161940 * East-bound Longitude: 19.451940
Date/Time Start: 2011-04-27T14:23:00 * Date/Time End: 2011-05-11T09:00:00
LA11-ICE_1 * Latitude: 80.646940 * Longitude: 12.274170 * Date/Time: 2011-04-27T14:23:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: LA11-ICE * Basis: Lance * Method/Device: Ice measurement (ICEM)
LA11-ICE_11 * Latitude: 80.793890 * Longitude: 12.434720 * Date/Time: 2011-04-29T09:00:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: LA11-ICE * Basis: Lance * Method/Device: Ice measurement (ICEM)
LA11-ICE_20 * Latitude: 81.052500 * Longitude: 16.450000 * Date/Time: 2011-05-02T10:30:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: LA11-ICE * Basis: Lance * Method/Device: Ice measurement (ICEM)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventNomura, Daiki
2Date/Time of eventDate/TimeNomura, Daiki
3Latitude of eventLatitudeNomura, Daiki
4Longitude of eventLongitudeNomura, Daiki
5Temperature, ice/snowt°CNomura, Daikisnow
6Temperature, ice/snow, minimumt min°CNomura, Daikisnow
7Temperature, ice/snow, maximumt max°CNomura, Daikisnow
8Temperature, ice/snowt°CNomura, Daikislush, # = brine; empty line = no slush
9Temperature, ice/snow, minimumt min°CNomura, Daikislush, # = brine
10Temperature, ice/snow, maximumt max°CNomura, Daikislush, # = brine
11Temperature, ice/snowt°CNomura, Daikisea ice
12Temperature, ice/snow, minimumt min°CNomura, Daikisea ice
13Temperature, ice/snow, maximumt max°CNomura, Daikisea ice
14Snow salinitySnow salinityNomura, Daikisnow, mean; # = only top 15 cm of sea ice
15Salinity, minimumSal minNomura, Daikiof snow
16Salinity, maximumSal maxNomura, Daikiof snow
17Snow salinitySnow salinityNomura, Daikislush, mean; empty lines = no slush
18Salinity, minimumSal minNomura, Daikiof slush
19Salinity, maximumSal maxNomura, Daikiof slush
20Salinity, brineSal brineNomura, Daikimean
21Salinity, brineSal brineNomura, Daikimin
22Salinity, brineSal brineNomura, Daikimax
23Sea ice salinitySea ice salNomura, Daikimean; # = only top 15 cm of sea ice
24Salinity, minimumSal minNomura, Daikiof sea ice
25Salinity, maximumSal maxNomura, Daikiof sea ice
107 data points

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