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Wood, Rachel A; Poulton, Simon W; Prave, Anthony R; Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz; Clarkson, Matthew O; Guilbaud, R; Lyne, J W; Tostevin, R; Bowyer, Pete; Penny, A M; Curtis, Alexandra; Kasemann, Simone A (2015): (Table S8) Geochemical analysis of Site 7, Grens. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Wood, RA et al. (2015): Dynamic redox conditions control late Ediacaran metazoan ecosystems in the Nama Group, Namibia. Precambrian Research, 261, 252-271,

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Latitude: -27.176250 * Longitude: 16.366250
Minimum SECTION, height: 20.3 m * Maximum SECTION, height: 189.5 m
Grens * Latitude: -27.176250 * Longitude: 16.366250 * Location: Namibia
highly reactive Fe to total Fe, (FeHR/FeT).
carbonate-associated Fe, (Fecarb; e.g., ankerite and siderite).
ferric(oxyhydr)oxides, (Feox; e.g., goethite and hematite).
magnetite Fe, (Femag).
Fe sulfide minerals, (Fepy; e.g., makinawite and pyrite).
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelWood, Rachel A
2SECTION, heightSectionmWood, Rachel AGeocode
3delta 13C, carbonated13C carbper mil PDBWood, Rachel AMass spectrometer Thermo Electron Delta plus IRMSv.s. VPDB
4Carbon, organic, totalTOC%Wood, Rachel AElement analyser isotope ratio mass spectrometer (EA-IRMS)
5IronFe%Wood, Rachel Atotal
6IronFe%Wood, Rachel AFemag
7Iron oxideFe oxide%Wood, Rachel AFeox
8Iron carbonate, sideriteFeCO3%Wood, Rachel AFecarb
9Iron sulfidesFe sulfides%Wood, Rachel AFepy
10RatioRatioWood, Rachel AFeHR/FeT
11RatioRatioWood, Rachel AFepy/FeHR
514 data points

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