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Rodríguez Cielos, Ricardo; Navarro Valero, Francisco (2015): Continuous velocity model for Johnsons and Hurd glaciers from 1999 to 2013, with link to model results in shapefile and MS Excel format. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, PANGAEA,

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Latitude: -62.676000 * Longitude: -60.377000
Livingston_Island * Latitude: -62.676000 * Longitude: -60.377000
Data velocity ice in the glacier surface are critical for glacier dynamics models. Although not generally used as boundary conditions inhomogeneous (as, instead, is usually set boundary conditions of homogeneous Neumann type of zero traction on the surface) Dirichlet type, surface speeds are used to adjust free model parameters such as the coefficient B of the constitutive relation or the multiplicative factor that usually appears in the parameterization of Weertman type of basal sliding velocity, so to minimize the differences between the speeds observed and calculated by the model on the surface.
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