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Clarkson, Matthew O; Kasemann, Simone A; Wood, Richard A; Lenton, Timothy M; Daines, S J; Richoz, Isabelle; Ohnemueller, Frank; Meixner, Anette; Poulton, Simon W; Tipper, Edward T (2015): (Table S2) Elemental data from Wadi Bih samples on which d11B was determined. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Clarkson, MO et al. (2015): Ocean acidification and the Permo-Triassic mass extinction. Science, 348(6231), 229-232,

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Latitude: 25.842000 * Longitude: 56.111580
Minimum SECTION, height: 14.0 m * Maximum SECTION, height: 102.0 m
Wadi_Bih * Latitude: 25.842000 * Longitude: 56.111580 * Location: United Arab Emirates * Method/Device: Outcrop sample (OUTCROP)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelKasemann, Simone A
2SECTION, heightSectionmKasemann, Simone AGeocode
3BoronBmg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
4ManganeseMnmg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
5StrontiumSrmg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
6BariumBamg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
7IronFemg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
8PhosphorusPmg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
9Sulfur, totalTSmg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
10AluminiumAlmg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
11SiliconSimg/kgKasemann, Simone AICP-OES (Agilent 700)
12Manganese/Strontium ratioMn/SrKasemann, Simone A
13Magnesium/Calcium ratioMg/CaKasemann, Simone Amol/mol
300 data points

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