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Groß, Günther; Patzelt, Gernot (2015): The Austrian Glacier Inventory for the Little Ice Age Maximum (GI LIA) in ArcGIS (shapefile) format. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Fischer, Andrea; Seiser, Bernd; Stocker-Waldhuber, Martin; Mitterer, Christian; Abermann, Jakob (2015): Tracing glacier changes in Austria from the Little Ice Age to the present using a lidar-based high-resolution glacier inventory in Austria. The Cryosphere, 9(2), 753-766,

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Glaciers Austria
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Groß, Günther (1987): Der Flächenverlust der Gletscher in Österreich 1850-1920-1969. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 23(2), 131-141
Latitude: 47.100000 * Longitude: 12.700000
austr-alps * Latitude: 47.100000 * Longitude: 12.700000 * Location: Austrian Alps
Groß and Patzelt mapped the glacier areas for the Little Ice Age (LIA) maximum state from the position of the moraines and field surveys based on the orthophotos of the glacier inventory of 1969. As the Austrian federal authorities made LiDAR data available for the major part of Austria, these data have been used for the compilation of a new LIA glacier inventory based on LiDAR DEMs. As the high resolution data allow detailed mapping of LIA moraines, the unpublished maps of Groß have been used as the basis for an accurate mapping of the area and elevation of the LIA moraines, based on the LiDAR DEMs and the ice divides/glacier names used in the inventories 1969 and 1998. The date related to the glacier outlines in this inventory differs from glacier to glacier.
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