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Han, Zhiyong; Liu, Dunyi; Hovan, Steven A (2002): Lightness timescale for terrestrial sediments of China. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Han, Z et al. (2002): Lightness timescale for terrestrial sediments in the past 500,000 years. Paleoceanography, 17(3), 20-1-20-7,

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The Nihewan Beds at Yangyuan reflect apparently continuous, high-resolution deposition of fluvial-lacustrine sediment in the climatically important loess deposit regions of north China. The Hutouliang section forms the upper portion of Nihewan Beds deposited during the Brunhes magnetic polarity chron. Lightness values measured on successive samples display similar variability to the aeolian flux record of oceanic sediment core V21-146 located downwind from this area in the North Pacific. The oxygen isotope timescale of core V21-146 was transferred to the lightness curve to provide a preliminary timescale allowing more detailed age control in the Hutouliang section. This timescale will provide useful assistance in dating boundary ages of the loess-soil sequence in China and interpreting regional climatic data.
Latitude: 40.167000 * Longitude: 114.483000
Hutouliang * Latitude: 40.167000 * Longitude: 114.483000 * Location: China
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