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Schlüter, Lothar (2014): Adaptation of a globally important coccolithophore to ocean warming and acidification: Assay data. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Schlüter, Lothar; Lohbeck, Kai T; Gutowska, Magdalena A; Gröger, Joachim P; Riebesell, Ulf; Reusch, Thorsten B H (2014): Adaptation of a globally important coccolithophore to ocean warming and acidification. Nature Climate Change,

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Biomass/Abundance/Elemental composition; Bottles or small containers/Aquaria ( 20 L); Calcification/Dissolution; Chromista; Coast and continental shelf; Growth/Morphology; Haptophyta; Laboratory experiment; Pelagos; Phytoplankton; Primary production/Photosynthesis; Single species; Temperate; Temperature
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1SpeciesSpeciesSchlüter, Lothar
2Carbon dioxide, partial pressurepCO2µatmSchlüter, Lotharselection condition
3Experimental treatmentExp treatSchlüter, LotharEvolution to CO2 and warming sequential =1, simult=2
4Carbon dioxide, partial pressurepCO2µatmSchlüter, Lotharassay condition
5Temperature, waterTemp°CSchlüter, Lotharselection condition
6Temperature, waterTemp°CSchlüter, Lotharassay condition
7ReplicateReplicateSchlüter, Lothar
8Growth rateµ1/daySchlüter, Lotharexponential growth rate
9Cell sizeCell sizeµmSchlüter, Lotharcell diameter calcified
10Carbon, organic, particulate, per cellPOCpg/#Schlüter, Lothar
11Carbon, inorganic, particulate, per cellPIC/cellpg/#Schlüter, Lothar
12Particulate inorganic carbon/particulate organic carbon ratioPIC/POCSchlüter, Lothar
13Particulate organic carbon production per cellPOC prodpg/#Schlüter, Lotharat day 5
14Particulate inorganic carbon production per cellPIC prodpg/#Schlüter, Lotharat day 5
15Cell sizeCell sizeµmSchlüter, Lotharcell diameter decalcified
16Cell biovolumeCell biovolµm3Schlüter, Lotharcell volume decalcified
17Nitrogen, organic, particulate, per cellPONpg/#Schlüter, Lothar
18Carbon/Nitrogen ratioC/NSchlüter, Lothar
19Alkalinity, totalATµmol/kgSchlüter, Lotharmeasured average
20Carbon, inorganic, dissolvedDICµmol/kgSchlüter, Lotharmeasured average
21pHpHSchlüter, Lotharcalculated average
22Carbon dioxide, partial pressurepCO2µatmSchlüter, Lotharcalculated average
23SalinitySalSchlüter, Lothar
1599 data points

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