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Jordan, E (2014): Die Gletscher der bolivianischen Anden, Verbreitung von Gletschern und neuzeitlichen Moränen in der Cordillera Apolobamba Cololo Region (Ostkordillere). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Jordan, E (1985): Recent glacier distribution and present climate in the central Andes of South America. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 21, 213-224, hdl:10013/epic.43999.d001

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The uniform triangulation of the whole glacierized area of the Eastern Cordillera of Bolivia provided the first comparable geometrie basis for an accurate photogrammetric height evaluation of glaciers in the mountain range from the far south up to the Peruvian border.
A total of 1775 glaciers, larger than 0.1 ha, were recorded in 16 mountain ranges ofthe East- ern Cordillera. Snow lines in the outer tropics can now be analysed with an accuracy of European standards. In spite of the widemeshed network of meteorological stations this allows a more pre- eise climatic differentiation to be made, particularly at high altitude sites. The methods and results of the analysis are described. Because of these results it becomes necessary to revise and refine previous concepts of the spatial distribution of climatic phenomena.
Characteristics of glaciers in the Bolivian Cordillera obviously depend on the NE to SW decline in precipitation. The snow lines which are found at an altitude of 4500 m on the north- eastern slope directed towards the Yungas climb up to 5200 m on the lee slope towards the Alti- plano. The N to S increase in snowline elevation is not as significant as expected. With some res- ervation a 100 m fall in the snowline elevation in the Bolivian Cordillera can be explained by an increase in precipitation of about 50 mm.
Latitude: -17.000000 * Longitude: -67.170000
Cordillera_Real * Latitude: -17.000000 * Longitude: -67.170000 * Location: Cordillera Real, South American Altiplano, Bolivia
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