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Fox, Bethany R Storrs; Wartho, Jo-Anne; Wilson, Gary S; Lee, Daphne E; Nelson, Faye E; Kaulfuss, Uwe (2014): Demagnetisation curves of anhysteretic remanent magnetisation (ARM) measurements from the Foulden Maar sediment core FH2. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Fox, BRS et al. (2015): Long-term evolution of an Oligocene/Miocene maar lake from Otago, New Zealand. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 16(1), 59-76,

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Latitude: -45.528400 * Longitude: 170.219500
FH2 * Latitude: -45.528400 * Longitude: 170.219500 * Location: Foulden Maar, Otago, New Zealand * Method/Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL)
This file includes the normalised demagnetisation curves of anhysteretic remanent magnetisation (ARM) measurements from the Foulden Maar sediment core FH2. The measurements are averaged across 10 cm of sediment (~10 measurements) in order to reduce noise. The columns are as follows:
Column 1: alternating field applied (millitesla, mT).
Columns 2-49: Each column represents one averaged demagnetisation curve. The data are normalised, so there are no units (original measurements were in A/m).
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Demagnetization levelLevelmTFox, Bethany R Storrs
2--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA1
3--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA2
4--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA3
5--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA4
6--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA5
7--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA6
8--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA7
9--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA8
10--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA9
11--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA10
12--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA11
13--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA12
14--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA13
15--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA14
16--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA15
17--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA16
18--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA17
19--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA18
20--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA19
21--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA20
22--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA21
23--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA22
24--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA23
25--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA24
26--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA25
27--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA26
28--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA27
29--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA28
30--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA29
31--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA30
32--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA31
33--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA32
34--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA33
35--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA34
36--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA35
37--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA36
38--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA37
39--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA38
40--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA39
41--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA40
42--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA41
43--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA42
44--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA43
45--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA44
46--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA45
47--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA46
48--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA47
49--Fox, Bethany R StorrsNormalizedA48
735 data points

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