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Boenigk, Jens; Matz, Carsten; Jürgens, Klaus; Arndt, Hartmut (2014): Maximum ingestion and maximum clearance rate of Nanoflagellates determined experimentally. PANGAEA,

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Related to:
Boenigk, Jens; Matz, Carsten; Jürgens, Klaus; Arndt, Hartmut (2002): Food concentration-dependent regulation of food selectivity of interception-feeding bacterivorous nanoflagellates. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 27, 195-202,
Nanoflagellates_FEEDEXP * Device: Experiment (EXP) * Comment: feeding experiment using cultures isolated from various sources of the Lake Constance, lake in Plön and the Baltic Sea
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Taxon/taxaTaxaBoenigk, Jens
2Uniform resource locator/link to referenceURL refBoenigk, JensWoRMS Aphia ID
3Treatment: temperatureTreat temp°CBoenigk, Jens
4Biomass as carbon per individualBiom C/indµg/#Boenigk, Jens
5Clearance rate per individualCRml/#/hBoenigk, Jens
15 data points

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