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van Pinxteren, Manuela; Fiedler, Björn; van Pinxteren, Dominik; Iinuma, Yoshiteru; Körtzinger, Arne; Herrmann, H (2014): Chemical characterization of marine sub-micrometer aerosol particles during the MERIAN cruise MSM18/3 from the Cape Verde island Sao Vicente to Gabun (Atlantic Ocean). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: van Pinxteren, Manuela; Fiedler, Björn; van Pinxteren, Dominik; Iinuma, Yoshiteru; Körtzinger, Arne; Herrmann, Hartmut (2015): Chemical characterization of sub-micrometer aerosol particles in the tropical Atlantic Ocean: marine and biomass burning influences. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 72(2), 105-125,

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Sub-micron marine aerosol particles (PM1) were collected during the MERIAN cruise MSM 18/3 between 22 June 2011 and 21 July 2011 from the Cape Verde island Sao Vicente to Gabun crossing the tropical Atlantic Ocean and passing equatorial upwelling areas. According to air mass origin and chemical composition of the aerosol particles, three main regimes could be established. Aerosol particles in the first part of the cruise were mainly of marine origin, in the second part was marine and slightly biomass burning influenced (increasing tendency) and in the in last part of the cruise, approaching the African mainland, biomass burning influences became dominant.
Generally aerosols were dominated by sulfate (caverage = 1.99 µg/m**3) and ammonium ions (caverage = 0.72 µg/m**3) that are well correlated and slightly increasing along the cruise. High concentrations of water insoluble organic carbon (WISOC) averaging 0.51 µg/m**3 were found probably attributed to the high oceanic productivity in this region. Water soluble organic carbon (WSOC) was strongly increasing along the cruise from concentrations of 0.26 µg/m**3 in the mainly marine influenced part to concentrations up to 3.3 µg/m**3 that are probably caused by biomass burning influences. Major organic constituents were oxalic acid, methansulfonic acid (MSA) and aliphatic amines. MSA concentrations were quite constant along the cruise (caverage = 43 ng/m**3). While aliphatic amines were more abundant in the first mainly marine influenced part with concentrations of about 20 ng/m**3, oxalic acid showed the opposite pattern with average concentrations of 12 ng/m**3 in the marine and 158 ng/m**3 in the biomass burning influenced part. The alpha dicarbonyl compounds glyoxal and methylglyoxal were detected in the aerosol particles in the low ng/m**3 range and followed oxalic acid closely. MSA and aliphatic amines accounted for biogenic marine (secondary) aerosol constituents whereas oxalic acid and the alpha dicarbonyl compounds were believed to result mainly from biomass burning. N-alkane concentrations increased along the cruise from 0.81 to 4.66 ng/m**3, PAHs and hopanes were abundant in the last part of the cruise (caverage of PAHs = 0.13 ng/m**3, caverage of hopanes = 0.19 ng/m**3). Levoglucosan was identified in several samples of the last part of the cruise in concentrations around 2 ng/m**3, pointing to (aged) biomass burning influences. The investigated organic compounds could explain 9.5% of WSOC in the mainly marine influenced part (dominating compounds: aliphatic amines and MSA) and 2.7% of WSOC in the biomass burning influenced part (dominating compound: oxalic acid) of the cruise.
Median Latitude: 1.574196 * Median Longitude: -12.549352 * South-bound Latitude: -4.280700 * West-bound Longitude: -24.240000 * North-bound Latitude: 17.590000 * East-bound Longitude: 0.030000
Date/Time Start: 2011-06-22T12:30:00 * Date/Time End: 2011-07-18T09:00:00
Minimum ALTITUDE: 12 m * Maximum ALTITUDE: 12 m
MSM18/3-track * Latitude Start: 16.886100 * Longitude Start: -24.997600 * Latitude End: 0.398500 * Longitude End: 9.436100 * Date/Time Start: 2011-06-22T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2011-07-21T00:00:00 * Campaign: MSM18/3 * Basis: Maria S. Merian * Device: Underway cruise track measurements (CT) * Comment: Mindelo - Libreville
Aerosol particle sampling, filter sampler (quartz fiber filters). Latidude and longitude are average values of the (mostly 24 h) aerosol particle sampling range. Altidude: the aerosol sampler was installed on top of the observation deck (height ca. 12 m).
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1FilterFiltervan Pinxteren, ManuelaNo
6Date/time endDate/time endvan Pinxteren, Manuela
7Time in minutesTimeminvan Pinxteren, Manuelasampling time
8Sample volumeSamp volm3van Pinxteren, Manuela
9ChlorideCl-µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
10Nitrate[NO3]-µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
11Sulfate[SO4]2-µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
12BromideBr-µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
13SodiumNa+µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
14Ammonium[NH4]+µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
15PotassiumK+µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
16MagnesiumMg2+µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
17CalciumCa2+µg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
18Chloride depletionCl- deplet%van Pinxteren, Manuela
19Bromide enrichmentBr enrichvan Pinxteren, Manuela
20Wind speedffm/svan Pinxteren, Manuela
21Chlorophyll aChl aµg/lvan Pinxteren, Manuela
22Carbon, organic, water solubleWSOCµg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
23Carbon, organic, water insolubleWISOCµg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
24Carbon, elementalECµg/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
25Methanesulfonic acidMSAng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
26MonomethylamineMMAng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
27DimethylamineDMAng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
28DiethylamineDEAng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
29Oxalic acidOxaic acidng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
30GlyoxalGLYng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
31MethylglyoxalC3H4O2ng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
32LevoglucosanLevoglucosanng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
33Sum odd numbered n-alkanes C21-C33A odd (21-33)ng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
34Sum even numbered n-alkanes C20-C34A even (20-34)ng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
35Carbon Preference Index, n-AlkanesCPI n-Alkanesvan Pinxteren, Manuelasum C21-C33/sum C20-C34
36n-Alkane, high molecular weight (>C25)HMW (>C25)ng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
37n-Alkane, low molecular weight (<C25)LMW (<C25)ng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
38Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsPAHng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
39HopaneHopaneng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuela
40n-Alkane, high molecular weight (>C25)/n-Alkane, low molecular weight (<C25) ratioHMW (>C25)/LMW (<C25)van Pinxteren, Manuela
41Sum n-alkanesSum n-alkng/m3van Pinxteren, Manuelasum C27,29,30,31
42CommentCommentvan Pinxteren, Manuela
968 data points

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