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Orthmann, Bettina (2014): Vegetation composition of herbaceous and tree layer of seven dominating vegetation types in the Aguima Catchment, Benin. Institut für Biodiversitätsforschung der Universität Rostock, PANGAEA,

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Species data of herb and tree layer are necessary in order characterise the seven dominant vegetation types and to analyse for differences between the vegetation types. Species composition of the herb layer is also relevant as base for grazing quality. Tree species composition is especially important for silvicultural interest. Species composition of the herb and tree layer was recorded and cover of each species estimated. Datasets created by IMPETUS subproject A3. IMPETUS data set ID: 428
Median Latitude: 9.133283 * Median Longitude: 1.908055 * South-bound Latitude: 9.123460 * West-bound Longitude: 1.901200 * North-bound Latitude: 9.143160 * East-bound Longitude: 1.917490
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