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Broad, Darren R; Dandy, G C; Maier, H R (2015): EPANET Input Files of New York tunnels and Pacific City used in a metamodel-based optimization study. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Broad, DR et al. (2015): A systematic approach to determining metamodel scope for risk-based optimization and its application to water distribution system design. Environmental Modelling & Software, 69, 382-395,

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Metamodels have proven be very useful when it comes to reducing the computational requirements of Evolutionary Algorithm-based optimization by acting as quick-solving surrogates for slow-solving fitness functions. The relationship between metamodel scope and objective function varies between applications, that is, in some cases the metamodel acts as a surrogate for the whole fitness function, whereas in other cases it replaces only a component of the fitness function. This paper presents a formalized qualitative process to evaluate a fitness function to determine the most suitable metamodel scope so as to increase the likelihood of calibrating a high-fidelity metamodel and hence obtain good optimization results in a reasonable amount of time. The process is applied to the risk-based optimization of water distribution systems; a very computationally-intensive problem for real-world systems. The process is validated with a simple case study (modified New York Tunnels) and the power of metamodelling is demonstrated on a real-world case study (Pacific City) with a computational speed-up of several orders of magnitude.
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