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Slupetzky, Heinz; Ehgartner, Gerhard (2014): Glacier mass balance Stubacher Sonnblickkees, Hohe Tauern Range, Eastern Alps, Austria, 1998/1999. PANGAEA,, In: Slupetzky, H; Ehgartner, G (2014): Glacier mass balances of Stubacher Sonnblickkees, Hohe Tauern Range, Eastern Alps, Austria, 1958/1959 to 2012/2013. PANGAEA,

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Slupetzky, Heinz; Ehgartner, Gerhard (1999): Programm ''Wasser- Eishaushaltsmessungen im Stubachtal'' (Massenbilanzmessreihe vom Stubacher Sonnblickkees) – Ergebnisbericht für 1999. hdl:10013/epic.43054.d032
Latitude: 47.131940 * Longitude: 12.587220
Date/Time Start: 1998-09-13T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1998-09-13T00:00:00
Sonnblickkees (SSK) * Latitude: 47.131940 * Longitude: 12.587220 * Location: Stubacher Sonnblick, Hohe Tauern, Austria * Device: Sampling/measurements on glacier (GLAC)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
2Date/time endDate/time endSlupetzky, Heinz
3Accumulation areaSckm2Slupetzky, Heinz
4Mass balance in accumulation areaBc106 m3Slupetzky, Heinz
5Specific mass balance in the accumulation areabckg/m2Slupetzky, Heinz
6Ablation areaSakm2Slupetzky, Heinz
7Mass balance in ablation areaBa106 m3Slupetzky, Heinz
8Specific mass balance in the ablation areabakg/m2Slupetzky, Heinz
9Total areaSkm2Slupetzky, Heinz
10Mass balance, totalB106 m3Slupetzky, Heinz
11Specific mass balancebkg/m2Slupetzky, Heinz
12Accumulation area ratioAARSlupetzky, Heinz
13Equilibrium line altitudeELAm a.s.l.Slupetzky, Heinz
12 data points

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