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McKenzie, Len J; Yoshida, Rudolf L; Grech, Alana; Coles, Robert G (2014): Composite of coastal seagrass meadows in Queensland, Australia - November 1984 to June 2010. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: McKenzie, LJ et al. (2010): Queensland seagrasses. Status 2010 - Torres Strait and East Coast. Fisheries Queensland (DEEDI), Cairns, 6 pp, hdl:10013/epic.42902.d001

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Approximately 18,400 km**2 of seagrass habitat has been mapped within the coastal waters (<15 m) of Queensland (Australia) between November 1984 and June 2010. The total seagrass meadow distribution was calculated by merging maps from 115 separate mapping surveys (varying locations and dates). Due to tropical seagrass dynamism, meadow distribution can change seasonally and between years, and as a consequence, the composite represents the maximum area of seabed where seagrass has been observed/recorded.
Mapping survey methodologies followed standardised global seagrass research methods (McKenzie et al. 2001) where the presence of seagrass was determined from in situ visual assessment of the seabed by either divers or drop cameras at GPS marked positions. Seagrass meadow boundaries were determined based on the positions of survey sites and the presence of seagrass, coupled with depth contours and remote sensing (e.g. aerial photography) where available. The merged meadow boundary accuracy was dependent on the original survey maps and varied from 10-100 m. The resulting composite seagrass distribution was saved as an ArcMap polygon shapefile, and projected to Geocentric Datum of Australia GDA94.
Latitude: -20.400000 * Longitude: 148.500000
DEEDI * Latitude: -20.400000 * Longitude: 148.500000 * Location: off Queensland, Australia
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