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Ono, Yugo (2014): Figure 1 Geomorphological map of proglacial area of Yala (Dakpatsen) Glacier, Langtang Himal, Nepal (pdf 500 kB). PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Ono, Y (1985): Recent fluctuations of the Yala (Dakpatsen) Glacier, Langtang Himal, reconstructed from annual moraine ridges. Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 21, 251-258, hdl:10013/epic.42899.d001

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A series of minor moraine ridges are observed on the till surface in the proglacial area of Yala Glacier, Nepal Himalaya. The till surface, which is often fluted, consists ofsix different till sheets. It lies present glacial margin and the bulky terminal moraine ridges. These till sheets correspond to six re-advance stages during the general retreat which followed Little Ice Age ad- vance which formed the bulky terminal moraine ridges. Field observations and till fabric analysis suggest that the minor moraine ridges of Yala Glacier seem to be formed annually, by ice push. On the assumption that their annual character was maintained for a long time, and that the time span needed for each re-advance was proportional to the height of terminal moraine of each till sheet, the dating of Little fee Age moraines was attempted. The results indicate that Little Ice Age advances occurred in 1815 and in 1843, roughly simultanously with those in Europe.
Latitude: 28.233300 * Longitude: 85.616700
Yala (Dakpatsen) * Latitude: 28.233300 * Longitude: 85.616700 * Location: Yala Glacier in Langtang region, Himalaya, Nepal
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