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Kleinefeld, Bärbel (2002): Table D.9: Data of CO2-N2 inclusions hosted by plagioclase of no. 2119. PANGAEA,

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Kleinefeld, Bärbel (2003): The charnockite-anorthosite suite of rocks exposed in central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: a study on fluid-rock interactions, and post-entrapment change of metamorphic fluid inclusions (Die charnockitischen und anorthositischen Gesteinsserien im zentralen Dronning Maud Land: Fluid-Gesteins-Wechselwirkungen und die Veränderung metamorpher Fluid-Einschlüsse nach ihrer Bildung). Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung = Reports on Polar and Marine Research, 436, 130 pp,
Latitude: -71.361667 * Longitude: 13.291667
Minimum Elevation: 1580.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 1580.0 m
GeoMaud95/96_2119 * Latitude: -71.361667 * Longitude: 13.291667 * Elevation: 1580.0 m * Location: Zimmermannberg * Campaign: GeoMaud95/96 * Basis: Sampling on land * Method/Device: Geological sample (GEOS) * Comment: mylonitic shear zone (norite)/colour: dark
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelKleinefeld, Bärbelno: = inclusion number
2SizeSizeµmKleinefeld, Bärbel
3HostHostKleinefeld, Bärbel
4CommentCommentKleinefeld, Bärbelshape, arrangements and solids
5VolumeVol%Kleinefeld, Bärbelof bubble
6Melting temperatureTm°CKleinefeld, BärbelCO2
7Homogenization temperatureTh°CKleinefeld, BärbelCO2
8Sample commentSample commentKleinefeld, Bärbel
9Method commentMethod commKleinefeld, Bärbel
10Carbon dioxideCO2%Kleinefeld, Bärbelgiven in mol %
11Nitrogen, gasN2%Kleinefeld, Bärbelgiven in mol %
12DensityDensityg/cm3Kleinefeld, BärbelCalculated from weight/volume
13Molar volumeVmcm3/molKleinefeld, Bärbel
930 data points

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