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Pälike, Heiko; Lyle, Mitchell W; Nishi, Hiroshi; Raffi, Isabella; Gamage, Kusali; Klaus, Adam; Expedition 320/321 Scientists (2013): Moisture and density (MAD) measured on IODP Hole 320-U1333A. PANGAEA,

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Pälike, Heiko; Lyle, Mitchell W; Nishi, Hiroshi; Raffi, Isabella; Gamage, Kusali; Klaus, Adam; Expedition 320/321 Scientists (2010): Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Washington, DC (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.), 320/321,
Other version:
IODP/USIO (2012): LIMS Database. Ocean Drilling Programm, Texas A&M University, College station TX 77845-9547, USA,
Latitude: 10.516580 * Longitude: -138.419540
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.755 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 178.355 m
320-U1333A * Latitude: 10.516580 * Longitude: -138.419540 * Elevation: -4853.7 m * Recovery: 176.25 m * Campaign: Exp320 (Pacific Equatorial Age Transect I) * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 22 cores; 184.1 m cored; 95.7 % recovered; 0 m drilled; 184.1 m penetrated
Geocode = Depth CSF-A (m)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelExpedition 320/321 ScientistsODP sample designation
2DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
3Depth, top/minDepth topmExpedition 320/321 ScientistsDepth CSF-B (m)
4Sample methodSample methodExpedition 320/321 ScientistsSubmethod
5Water content, wet massWater wm%Expedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
6Water content, dry massWater dm%Expedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
7DensityDensityg/cm3Expedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
8Density, dry bulkDBDg/cm3Expedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
9Density, grainDensity graing/cm3Expedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
10PorosityPoros% volExpedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
11Void Ratio descriptionVoid RatioExpedition 320/321 ScientistsCalculated
12Wet massWet mgExpedition 320/321 Scientists
13Sample dry massSamp dmgExpedition 320/321 Scientists
14Mass, pore waterMass pwgExpedition 320/321 Scientists
15Salt contentSaltgExpedition 320/321 Scientists
16Mass, solidsMass, solidsgExpedition 320/321 Scientists
17Volume, wet sampleVol, wet samplecm3Expedition 320/321 Scientists
18Volume, dry sampleVol, dry samplecm3Expedition 320/321 Scientists
19Volume, pore waterVol pwcm3Expedition 320/321 Scientists
20Volume, saltVol, saltcm3Expedition 320/321 Scientists
21Volume, solidsVol solidscm3Expedition 320/321 Scientists
22Time StampTime StampExpedition 320/321 Scientists
2457 data points

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