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Seo, Bumsuk; Bogner, Christina; Poppenborg, Patrick; Martin, Emily; Hoffmeister, Mathias; Jun, Mansing; Koellner, Thomas; Reineking, Björn; Shope, Christopher L; Tenhunen, John (2014): Per-field land use and land cover data set of the Haean catchment, South Korea. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Seo, B et al. (2014): Deriving a per-field land use and land cover map in an agricultural mosaic catchment. Earth System Science Data, 6(2), 339-352,

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Detailed data on land use and land cover constitute important information for Earth system models, environmental monitoring and ecosystem services research. Global land cover products are evolving rapidly; however, there is still a lack of information particularly for heterogeneous agricultural landscapes. We censused land use and land cover field by field in the agricultural mosaic catchment Haean in South Korea. We recorded the land cover types with additional information on agricultural practice. In this paper we introduce the data, their collection and the post-processing protocol. Furthermore, because it is important to quantitatively evaluate available land use and land cover products, we compared our data with the MODIS Land Cover Type product (MCD12Q1). During the studied period, a large portion of dry fields was converted to perennial crops. Compared to our data, the forested area was underrepresented and the agricultural area overrepresented in MCD12Q1. In addition, linear landscape elements such as waterbodies were missing in the MODIS product due to its coarse spatial resolution. The data presented here can be useful for earth science and ecosystem services research.
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Martin, Emily; Reineking, Björn; Seo, Bumsuk; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf (2013): Natural enemy interactions constrain pest control in complex agricultural landscapes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(14), 5534-5539,
Shope, Christopher L; Maharjan, G R; Tenhunen, John; Seo, Bumsuk; Kim, Kiyong; Riley, Jeanne; Arnold, Sebastian; Koellner, Thomas; Ok, Yongsik; Pfeiffer, Stefan; Kim, Bomchul; Park, Jihyung; Huwe, Bernd (2014): Using the SWAT model to improve process descriptions and define hydrologic partitioning in South Korea. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 18(2), 539-557,
Median Latitude: 38.276980 * Median Longitude: 128.134950 * South-bound Latitude: 38.224800 * West-bound Longitude: 128.083800 * North-bound Latitude: 38.329160 * East-bound Longitude: 128.186100
HaeanCover * Latitude Start: 38.224800 * Longitude Start: 128.083800 * Latitude End: 38.329160 * Longitude End: 128.186100 * Location: Haean catchment, South Korea
International Research Training Group TERRECO funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, GRK 1565/1) and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF)
The zip-archive contains the files:
HaeanCover_ReadMe.pdf = Readme explaining all files = Original LULC survey data for three years (HaeanCover.shp) with QA and additional information included.
HaeanCover_IGBP_lookup.xls = A lookup table with respect to the IGBP Land cover system v2.0
HaeanCover_Preview.qgs = Preview and the color map of the HaeanCover (for Quantum GIS)
HaeanCover_Legend.xls = Legend of the land cover map LULC name linked with the corresponding land cover details
HaeanCover_Preview.jpg = Preview image (LULC classes 2010)
HaeanCover_reclassification_rasterisation.R = reclassified land use/land cover data as ESRI shape file
essd-2014-11_Supplement.pdf = Supplement document for the article
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