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Stark, Nina; Kopf, Achim J (2013): Nimrod (dynamic penetrometer) measurements of a sandbar at Raglan, New Zealand in 2009 [dataset]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Stark, N; Kopf, AJ (2013): In-situ geotechnical investigation of sediment remobilitzation processes utilizing geotechnical measurement techniques to detect, quantify and describe sediment erosion and deposition. Sea Technology, 54

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Dynamic penetrometer data obtained with the Nimrod penetrometer (MARUM). Data is presented as (i) penetration depth (including for different layers if present), (ii) measured deceleration and (iv) estimated quasi-static bearing capacity including range of uncertainty due to the processing method. Lat/Long coordinates are given.
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Stark, Nina; Greer, D; Phillips, D J; Borrero, J C; Harrison, S; Kopf, Achim J (2010): In-situ geotechnical investigation of sediment dynamics over 'The Bar', Raglan, New Zealand. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 1, 2
Median Latitude: -37.802470 * Median Longitude: 174.829132 * South-bound Latitude: -37.816301 * West-bound Longitude: 174.810605 * North-bound Latitude: -37.794249 * East-bound Longitude: 174.848943
Raglan_1 * Latitude: -37.798554 * Longitude: 174.848943 * Location: Raglan, New Zealand * Method/Device: NIMROD (NIM)
Raglan_2 * Latitude: -37.802213 * Longitude: 174.842160 * Location: Raglan, New Zealand * Method/Device: NIMROD (NIM)
Raglan_3 * Latitude: -37.802173 * Longitude: 174.840471 * Location: Raglan, New Zealand * Method/Device: NIMROD (NIM)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEvent
2Latitude of eventLatitude
3Longitude of eventLongitude
4NumberNoStark, Nina
5Layer numberLayerStark, Nina
6Penetration depthPenetr depthmStark, Nina
7Quasi-static bearing capacityqsbckPaStark, Nina
8UncertaintyUncertaintykPaStark, Nina
9DecelerationDecelgStark, Nina
178 data points

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