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Westerhold, Thomas; Röhl, Ursula; Pälike, Heiko; Wilkens, Roy H; Wilson, Paul A; Acton, Gary D (2013): (Table S16) Magnetochron boundary positions and their astronomically tuned age. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Westerhold, T et al. (2014): Orbitally tuned timescale and astronomical forcing in the middle Eocene to early Oligocene. Climate of the Past, 10, 955-973,

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Note: Magnetochron boundary position for Site U1333 are based U-Channel VGP data (Tab.S17-19) plotted on the adjusted rmcd (revised m CCSF-A) (Westerhold et al. 2012). Subsequently, chron boundaries of U1333 have been mapped onto Site 1218 and U1334.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1ChronozoneChronozoneWesterhold, ThomasChron
2Depth, composite revised topDepth cr toprmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite 1218
3Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, ThomasSite 1218 top
4Depth, composite revised bottomDepth cr botrmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite 1218
5Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, ThomasSite 1218 bottom
6Depth, composite revisedDepth crrmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite 1218 mid
7Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, ThomasSite 1218 mid
8Depth, composite revised errorDepth cr ermcdWesterhold, Thomasm
9Age, errorAge e±Westerhold, Thomaskyr
10Depth, composite topDepth c topmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite U1333 top (corrected CCSF-A)
11Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, ThomasSite U1333 top
12Depth, composite bottomDepth c botmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite U1333 bot (corrected CCSF-A)
13Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, ThomasSite U1333 bottom
14Depth, compositeDepth compmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite U1333 mid (corrected CCSF-A)
15Age, mineralAge mineralMaWesterhold, ThomasSite U1333 mid
16Depth, composite errorDepth c emcdWesterhold, Thomasm
17Age, errorAge e±Westerhold, Thomas+-kyr
18Depth, composite topDepth c topmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite U1334 top (corrected CCSF-A)
19Age, mineralAge mineralMaWesterhold, ThomasSite U1334 top
20Depth, composite bottomDepth c botmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite U1334 bot (corrected CCSF-A)
21Age, mineralAge mineralMaWesterhold, ThomasSite U1334 bottom
22Depth, compositeDepth compmcdWesterhold, ThomasSite U1334 mid (corrected CCSF-A)
23Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, ThomasSite U1334 mid
24Depth, composite errorDepth c emcdWesterhold, Thomasm
25Age, errorAge e±Westerhold, Thomas+-kyr
26Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, Thomasaverage, age Pmag
27Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, Thomasmax
28Age modelAge modelkaWesterhold, Thomasmin
29Age, errorAge e±Westerhold, Thomas+-kyr
566 data points

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