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Knies, Jochen; Matthiessen, Jens; Vogt, Christoph; Laberg, Jan Sverre; Hjelstuen, Berit O; Smelror, Morten; Larsen, Eiliv; Andreassen, Karin; Eidvin, Tor; Vorren, Tore O (2009): Age models of ODP sites from the Barents Sea-Svalbard region. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Knies, J et al. (2009): The Plio-Pleistocene glaciation of the Barents Sea–Svalbard region: a new model based on revised chronostratigraphy. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28(9-10), 812-829,

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Based on a revised chronostratigraphy, and compilation of borehole data from the Barents Sea continental margin, a coherent glaciation model is proposed for the Barents Sea ice sheet over the past 3.5 million years (Ma). Three phases of ice growth are suggested: (1) The initial build-up phase, covering mountainous regions and reaching the coastline/shelf edge in the northern Barents Sea during short-term glacial intensification, is concomitant with the onset of the Northern Hemisphere Glaciation (3.6-2.4 Ma). (2) A transitional growth phase (2.4-1.0 Ma), during which the ice sheet expanded towards the southern Barents Sea and reached the northwestern Kara Sea. This is inferred from step-wise decrease of Siberian river-supplied smectite-rich sediments, likely caused by ice sheet blockade and possibly reduced sea ice formation in the Kara Sea as well as glacigenic wedge growth along the northwestern Barents Sea margin hampering entrainment and transport of sea ice sediments to the Arctic-Atlantic gateway. (3) Finally, large-scale glaciation in the Barents Sea occurred after 1 Ma with repeated advances to the shelf edge. The timing is inferred from ice grounding on the Yermak Plateau at about 0.95 Ma, and higher frequencies of gravity-driven mass movements along the western Barents Sea margin associated with expansive glacial growth.
Median Latitude: 79.010506 * Median Longitude: 2.034132 * South-bound Latitude: 77.340000 * West-bound Longitude: -9.077780 * North-bound Latitude: 80.477430 * East-bound Longitude: 8.227300
Date/Time Start: 1993-08-12T02:21:00 * Date/Time End: 1995-08-20T20:45:00
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