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Bukry, David (1983): (Figure 1) Silicoflagellates at DSDP Hole 69-504. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Bukry, D (1983): Upper Cenozoic silicoflagellates from offshore Ecuador, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 504. In: Cann, JR; Langseth, MG; Honnorez, J; Von Herzen, RP; White, SM; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 69, 321-342,

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Diverse and abundant late Miocene to Pleistocene silicoflagellates at DSDP Site 504 can be correlated by tropical biostratigraphic zones and relative paleotemperature values to eastern tropical Pacific reference site DSDP 503A farther to the west. Early Pliocene assemblages, which were poorly known until now, are present and can be correlated locally between DSDP Holes 504, 503A, and 495, using species events associated with the new Dictyocha pulchella Subzone and Dictyocha angulata Subzone. Silicoflagellate relative paleotemperature values show major warming at 4.7 to 5.0 Ma (Cores 45-48), 3.4 to 3.8 Ma (Cores 32-33), 1.5 to 1.7 Ma (Cores 12-16), and 0.5 to 0.8 Ma (Cores 3-6). Major coolings occurred at 5.0 to 5.1 Ma (Core 51), 3.9 to 4.4 Ma (Cores 38-44), and 1.0 to 1.3 Ma (Cores 8-10). The appearance of Dictyocha longa is proposed to replace the asperoid/fibuloid ratio reversal as the bottom of the Dictyocha fibula Zone, because the non-evolutionary ratio reverses several times in the upper Miocene of Hole 503A, and at least once in Hole 504. Three new Pliocene silicoflagellates are defined: Dictyocha concinna Bukry, n. sp., D. helix Bukry, n. sp., and D. tamarae Bukry, n. sp.
Latitude: 1.226300 * Longitude: -83.732200
Date/Time Start: 1979-09-20T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1979-09-20T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 22.2 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 234.3 m
69-504 * Latitude: 1.226300 * Longitude: -83.732200 * Date/Time: 1979-09-20T00:00:00 * Elevation: -3460.0 m * Penetration: 237 m * Recovery: 10 m * Campaign: Leg69 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL)
Sediment depth is given in mbsf. #0 = recorded after count; #1 or #<1 = probably a reworked occurrence.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelBukry, DavidODP sample designation
2DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
3EpochEpochBukry, David
4Silicoflagellate zoneSilicoflagellate zoneBukry, David
5Silicoflagellate zoneSilicoflagellate zoneBukry, DavidSubzone
6Dictyocha aculeataD. aculeata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
7Dictyocha angulataD. angulata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
8Dictyocha asperaD. aspera%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
9Dictyocha aspera asperaD. aspera aspera%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
10Dictyocha aspera clinata s. ampl.D. aspera clinata s. ampl.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
11Dictyocha brevispinaD. brevispina%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
12Dictyocha brevispinaD. brevispina%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatesGiant asymmetric
13Dictyocha brevispinaD. brevispina%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatesNo bar
14Dictyocha calida ampliataD. calida ampliata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
15Dictyocha calida calidaD. calida calida%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
16Dictyocha concavataD. concavata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates#1 = #<1
17Dictyocha concinnaD. concinna%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
18Dictyocha delicataD. delicata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
19Dictyocha delicata var. bisectaD. delicata var. bisecta%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
20Dictyocha fibula s. ampl.D. fibula s. ampl.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
21Dictyocha helixD. helix%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
22Dictyocha longaD. longa%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
23Dictyocha longa var. paxillaD. longa var. paxilla%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
24Dictyocha neonautica var. cocosensisD. neonautica var. cocosensis%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
25Dictyocha ornata africanaD. ornata africana%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
26Dictyocha perfectaD. perfecta%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates#1 = #<1
27Dictyocha perlaevis flexatellaD. perlaevis flexatella%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
28Dictyocha perlaevis perlaevisD. perlaevis perlaevis%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
29Dictyocha perlaevisD. perlaevis%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
30Dictyocha perlaevis perlaevis s. ampl.D. perlaevis perlaevis s. ampl.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
31Dictyocha pulchellaD. pulchella%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
32Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha aegea
33Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha aculeata
34Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha delicata
35Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha ornata ornata
36Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha pulchella (angular); #1 = #<1
37Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha pumila
38Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha stapedia aspinosa
39Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha subaculeata
40Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha subclinata
41Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Dictyocha transenna (spined)
42Dictyocha sp.Dictyocha sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. cf. Dictyocha angulata
43Dictyocha spp.Dictyocha spp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
44Dictyocha spp.Dictyocha spp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatesIndeterminate
45Dictyocha stapedia aspinosaD. stapedia aspinosa%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
46Dictyocha stapedia stapediaD. stapedia stapedia%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
47Dictyocha subaculeataD. subaculeata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
48Dictyocha tamaraeD. tamarae%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
49Dictyocha transennaD. transenna%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
50Dictyocha variaD. varia%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
51Dictyocha vexativaD. vexativa%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
52Distephanus boliviensisD. boliviensis%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates# = divided ring
53Distephanus crux bispinosusD. crux bispinosus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
54Distephanus crux carolaeD. crux carolae%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
55Distephanus crux crux s. ampl.D. crux crux s. ampl.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
56Distephanus majorD. major%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
57Distephanus mesophthalmusD. mesophthalmus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
58Distephanus polyactisD. polyactis%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
59Distephanus quinquangellusD. quinquangellus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
60Distephanus sp.Distephanus sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. A (Bukry, 1979)
61Distephanus sp.Distephanus sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. aff. Distephanus mesophthalmus
62Distephanus sp.Distephanus sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. cf. Distephanus frugalis
63Distephanus speculum bispicatusD. speculum bispicatus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
64Distephanus speculum elongatusD. speculum elongatus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
65Distephanus speculum forma coronataD. speculum forma coronata%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
66Distephanus speculum minutusD. speculum minutus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
67Distephanus speculum speculumD. speculum speculum%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
68Distephanus speculum tenuisD. speculum tenuis%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
69Distephanus spp.Distephanus spp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatesCruxoid
70Mesocena circulusM. circulus%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
71Mesocena diodon nodosaM. diodon nodosa%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
72Mesocena quadrangulaM. quadrangula%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates# = distorted; #1 = #<1
73Mesocena quadrangulaM. quadrangula%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatesTransennoid
74Mesocena sp.Mesocena sp.%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellatessp. cf. Mesocena circulus
75Mesocena triodonM. triodon%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
76Octactis pulchraO. pulchra%Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
77--Bukry, DavidCalculatedrelative Paleotemperature
78Specimen countSp count#Bukry, DavidCounting, silicoflagellates
3974 data points

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