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Lang, Simone I; Cornelissen, Johannes H C; Shaver, Gauis R; Ahrens, Matthias; Callaghan, Terry V; Molau, Ulf; ter Braak, Cajo J F; Hölzer, Adam; Aerts, Rien (2012): (Appendix S2 Table 1) Species list of lichen, bryophytes and vascular plants around Abisko, Sweden and Toolik lake, Alaska. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Lang, SI et al. (2012): Arctic warming on two continents has consistent negative effects on lichen diversity and mixed effects on bryophyte diversity. Global Change Biology, 18(3), 1096-1107,

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Median Latitude: 68.520200 * Median Longitude: -93.358167 * South-bound Latitude: 67.831800 * West-bound Longitude: -149.820300 * North-bound Latitude: 69.379800 * East-bound Longitude: 18.498000
Date/Time Start: 2004-07-15T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2005-07-15T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: 310.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 1030.0 m
Alaska-Toolik * Latitude Start: 69.379800 * Longitude Start: -148.752200 * Latitude End: 67.831800 * Longitude End: -149.820300 * Elevation Start: 310.0 m * Elevation End: 955.0 m * Location: Alaska, USA * Method/Device: Biological sample (BIOS)
Latnja-Abisko * Latitude: 68.349000 * Longitude: 18.498000 * Elevation Start: 1030.0 m * Elevation End: 400.0 m * Location: Sweden * Method/Device: Biological sample (BIOS)
+ = found, - = not found.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEvent
2Area/localityAreaLang, Simone I
4Alectoria nigricansA. nigricansLang, Simone I
5Alectoria ochroleucaA. ochroleucaLang, Simone I
6Bryocaulon divergensB. divergensLang, Simone I
7Cetraria aculeataC. aculeataLang, Simone I
8Cetraria ericetorumC. ericetorumLang, Simone I
9Cetraria islandicaC. islandicaLang, Simone I
10Cetraria nigricansC. nigricansLang, Simone I
11Cetrariella deliseiC. deliseiLang, Simone I
12Cladonia amaurocraeaC. amaurocraeaLang, Simone I
13Cladonia arbusculaC. arbusculaLang, Simone I
14Cladonia bellidifloraC. bellidifloraLang, Simone I
15Cladonia cocciferaC. cocciferaLang, Simone I
16Cladonia ecmocynaC. ecmocynaLang, Simone I
17Cladonia cf. fimbriataC. cf. fimbriataLang, Simone I
18Cladonia furcataC. furcataLang, Simone I
19Cladonia gracilisC. gracilisLang, Simone I
20Cladonia cf. macrocerasC. cf. macrocerasLang, Simone I
21Cladonia cf. pyxidataC. cf. pyxidataLang, Simone Iincluding Cladonia chlorophaea-group
22Cladonia rangiferinaC. rangiferinaLang, Simone I
23Cladonia stygiaC. stygiaLang, Simone I
24Cladonia uncialisC. uncialisLang, Simone I
25Cladonia sp.Cladonia sp.Lang, Simone I
26Cladonia sp.Cladonia sp.Lang, Simone Isquamules
27Dactylina arcticaD. arcticaLang, Simone I
28Flavocetraria cucullataF. cucullataLang, Simone I
29Flavocetraria nivalisF. nivalisLang, Simone I
30Lecanora polytropaL. polytropaLang, Simone I
31Lecidea sp.Lecidea sp.Lang, Simone I
32Lobaria linitaL. linitaLang, Simone I
33Nephroma arcticumN. arcticumLang, Simone I
34Ochrolechia frigidaO. frigidaLang, Simone I
35Peltigera aphthosaP. aphthosaLang, Simone I
36Peltigera caninaP. caninaLang, Simone I
37Peltigera malaceaP. malaceaLang, Simone I
38Peltigera polydactylon-groupP. polydactylon grLang, Simone I
39Peltigera scabrosaP. scabrosaLang, Simone I
40Pertusaria dactylinaP. dactylinaLang, Simone I
41Pertusaria oculataP. oculataLang, Simone I
42Porpidia flavocaerulescensP. flavocaerulescensLang, Simone I
43Porpidia macrocarpaP. macrocarpaLang, Simone I
44Porpidia melinodesP. melinodesLang, Simone I
45Pseudephebe pubescensP. pubescensLang, Simone I
46Psoroma hypnorumP. hypnorumLang, Simone I
47Pyrenopsis furfureaP. furfureaLang, Simone I
48Rhizocarpon geographicumR. geographicumLang, Simone I
49Rhizocarpon intermediellumR. intermediellumLang, Simone I
50Solorina croceaS. croceaLang, Simone I
51Sphaerophorus globosusS. globosusLang, Simone I
52Stereocaulon alpinumS. alpinumLang, Simone I
53Stereocaulon botryosumS. botryosumLang, Simone I
54Stereocaulon paschaleS. paschaleLang, Simone I
55Thamnolia vermicularisT. vermicularisLang, Simone I
56Umbilicaria proboscideaU. proboscideaLang, Simone I
57Vulpicida pinastriV. pinastriLang, Simone I
58Anastrophyllum minutumA. minutumLang, Simone I
59Blepharostoma trichophyllumB. trichophyllumLang, Simone I
60Calypogeia sphagnicolaC. sphagnicolaLang, Simone I
61Gymnomitrion corallioidesG. corallioidesLang, Simone I
62Gymnomitrion concinnatumG. concinnatumLang, Simone I
63Lophozia atlanticaL. atlanticaLang, Simone I
64Lophozia binsteadiiL. binsteadiiLang, Simone I
65Lophozia hatcheriL. hatcheriLang, Simone I
66Lophozia incisaL. incisaLang, Simone I
67Lophozia kunzeanaL. kunzeanaLang, Simone I
68Lophozia lycopodioidesL. lycopodioidesLang, Simone I
69Lophozia polarisL. polarisLang, Simone I
70Lophozia ventricosaL. ventricosaLang, Simone I
71Lophozia wenzeliiL. wenzeliiLang, Simone I
72Ptilidium ciliareP. ciliareLang, Simone I
73Scapania scandicaS. scandicaLang, Simone Ifo. parvifolia
74Tritomaria quinquedentataT. quinquedentataLang, Simone I
75Aulacomnium acuminatumA. acuminatumLang, Simone I
76Aulacomnium turgidumA. turgidumLang, Simone I
77Calliergon stramineumC. stramineumLang, Simone I
78Ceratodon purpureusC. purpureusLang, Simone I
79Dicranum acutifoliumD. acutifoliumLang, Simone I
80Dicranum elongatumD. elongatumLang, Simone I
81Dicranum flexicauleD. flexicauleLang, Simone I
82Dicranum fuscescensD. fuscescensLang, Simone I
83Dicranum laevidensD. laevidensLang, Simone I
84Dicranum leioneuronD. leioneuronLang, Simone I
85Dicranum majusD. majusLang, Simone I
86Dicranum scopariumD. scopariumLang, Simone I
87Dicranum undulatumD. undulatumLang, Simone I
88Hylocomium splendensH. splendensLang, Simone I
89Pleurozium schreberiP. schreberiLang, Simone I
90Pohlia nutansP. nutansLang, Simone I
91Polytrichastrum alpinum var. alpinumP. alpinum var. alpinumLang, Simone I
92Polytrichum communeP. communeLang, Simone I
93Polytrichum hyperboreumP. hyperboreumLang, Simone I
94Polytrichum juniperinumP. juniperinumLang, Simone I
95Polytrichum piliferumP. piliferumLang, Simone I
96Polytrichum strictumP. strictumLang, Simone I
97Ptilium crista-castrensisP. crista-castrensisLang, Simone I
98Racomitrium lanuginosumR. lanuginosumLang, Simone I
99Rhytidium rugosumR. rugosumLang, Simone I
100Sanionia uncinataS. uncinataLang, Simone I
101Tomentypnum nitensT. nitensLang, Simone I
102Sphagnum angustifoliumS. angustifoliumLang, Simone I
103Sphagnum balticumS. balticumLang, Simone I
104Sphagnum girgensohniiS. girgensohniiLang, Simone I
105Sphagnum russowiiS. russowiiLang, Simone I
106Sphagnum warnstorfiiS. warnstorfiiLang, Simone I
107Andromeda polifoliaA. polifoliaLang, Simone I
108Arctostaphylos alpinusA. alpinaLang, Simone I
109Betula nanaB. nanaLang, Simone I
110Calamagrostis lapponicaC. lapponicaLang, Simone I
111Calamagrostis sp.Calamagrostis sp.Lang, Simone I
112Carex bigelowiiC. bigelowiiLang, Simone I
113Carex sp.Carex sp.Lang, Simone Icf. bigelowii x lugens
114Cassiope hypnoidesC. hypnoidesLang, Simone I
115Cassiope tetragonaC. tetragonaLang, Simone I
116Cornus suecicaC. suecicaLang, Simone I
117Deschampsia flexuosaD. flexuosaLang, Simone I
118Diapensia lapponicaD. lapponicaLang, Simone I
119Empetrum hermaphroditumE. hermaphroditumLang, Simone I
120Equisetum arvenseE. arvenseLang, Simone I
121Equisetum sylvaticumE. sylvaticumLang, Simone I
122Equisetum variegatumE. variegatumLang, Simone I
123Eriophorum vaginatumE. vaginatumLang, Simone I
124Festuca ovinaF. ovinaLang, Simone I
125Ledum palustreL. palustreLang, Simone I
126Linnaea borealisL. borealisLang, Simone I
127Luzula arcuataL. arcuataLang, Simone I
128Pedicularis labradoricaP. labradoricaLang, Simone I
129Petasites frigidusP. frigidusLang, Simone I
130Phyllodoce caeruleaP. caeruleaLang, Simone I
131Polygonum viviparumP. viviparumLang, Simone I
132Rubus chamaemorusRub.cLang, Simone I
133Salix herbaceaS. herbaceaLang, Simone I
134Salix pulchraS. pulchraLang, Simone I
135Vaccinium myrtillusV. myrtillusLang, Simone I
136Vaccinium uliginosumV. uliginosumLang, Simone I
137Vaccinium vitis-idaeaV. vitis-idaeaLang, Simone I
270 data points

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