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Kuzyk, Z A; Macdonald, R W; Granskog, Mats A; Scharien, R K; Galley, R J; Michel, Christine; Barber, D; Stern, G (2008): (Table 4) Heat budget elements contributing to sea ice melt in the Churchill River estuary region. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Kuzyk, ZA et al. (2008): Sea ice, hydrological, and biological processes in the Churchill River estuary region, Hudson Bay. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 77(3), 369-384,

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Further details:
Danielson, E W J (1969): The surface heat budget of Hudson Bay. Marine Sciences Manuscript Report, McGill University, Montreal, 196 pp
Latitude: 58.793700 * Longitude: -94.194300
Date/Time Start: 2005-03-17T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2005-05-29T00:00:00
ChurchR_Estuary * Latitude: 58.793700 * Longitude: -94.194300 * Date/Time Start: 2005-03-17T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2005-10-14T00:00:00 * Location: Hudson Bay * Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
2Date/time endDate/time endKuzyk, Z A
3SeasonSeasonKuzyk, Z A
4River dischargeQm3/sKuzyk, Z AEstimated
5Temperature, waterTemp°CKuzyk, Z Ameasured at CR-30 Pumphouse by Manitoba Hydro
6Heat Flux, sensibleQhGJ/dayKuzyk, Z Ariverine
7Short-wave downward (GLOBAL) radiation, daily sumSWD daily sumMJ/m2/dayKuzyk, Z AEstimatedadapted from monthly mean values, Danielson (1969)
8Area extentAreakm2Kuzyk, Z Aof open water
9ParameterParameterarbitrary unitsKuzyk, Z Aradiative heat flux to open water in GJ/day; assuming albedo = 0.1
10Sea ice melt equivalentSea ice melt eqkm3/dayKuzyk, Z Aassumes latent heat of fusion of 334 kJ/kg, sea ice density of 900 kg/m**3
11ParameterParameterarbitrary unitsKuzyk, Z Asea ice melt equivalent in m/day, representing volume distributed over 15 km**2 area
52 data points

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