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Iuliano-Burns, Sandra; Wang, X F; Ayton, Jeff (2009): (Table 1) Characteristics of Australian Antarctic expeditioners. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Iuliano-Burns, Sandra; Wang, X F; Ayton, Jeff; Jones, G; Seeman, E (2009): Skeletal and hormonal responses to sunlight deprivation in Antarctic expeditioners. Osteoporosis International, 20(9), 1523-1528,

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R reference, M measurement ranges: PTH (R 1.3-7.2 pmol/L), serum calcium (R 1.80-2.65 mmol/L), P1NP (M 5-1200 mg/ml), CTx (M: 0.010-6.00 ng/ml), Osteocalcin (M: 0.500-300 ng/ml). Bone mineral density: n=38 (2005-2006); Daily intake data collected at 6 months (n=107).
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1GroupGroupIuliano-Burns, SandraVitamin D level at the beginning of the study
2Number of individualsInd No#Iuliano-Burns, Sandra
3Time coverageCoverageIuliano-Burns, Sandra
4Age, relative, number of yearsAgeaIuliano-Burns, Sandramean
5Age, relative, number of yearsAgeaIuliano-Burns, Sandramin
6Age, relative, number of yearsAgeaIuliano-Burns, Sandramax
7MaleMale#Iuliano-Burns, Sandra
8FemaleFemale#Iuliano-Burns, Sandra
9HeighthmIuliano-Burns, Sandra
10Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandraheight
11MassMasskgIuliano-Burns, Sandraweight
12Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandramass (weight)
1325-hydroxyvitamin D25(OH)Dnmol/lIuliano-Burns, Sandra
14Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandra25(OH)D
15Parathyroid hormonePTHpmol/lIuliano-Burns, Sandra
16Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, SandraPTH
17CalciumCammol/lIuliano-Burns, Sandraunadjusted
18Calcium, standard deviationCa std dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandraunadjusted
19CalciumCammol/lIuliano-Burns, Sandraadjusted
20Calcium, standard deviationCa std dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandraadjusted
21OsteocalcinOsteocalcinng/mlIuliano-Burns, Sandra
22Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, SandraOsteocalcin
23C-terminal telopeptideCTxng/mlIuliano-Burns, Sandra
24Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, SandraCTx
25Procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptideP1NPng/mlIuliano-Burns, Sandra
26Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, SandraP1NP
27Bone mineral densityBone min densg/cm2Iuliano-Burns, Sandratotal hip
28Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandrahip bone density
29Bone mineral densityBone min densg/cm2Iuliano-Burns, Sandralumbar spine
30Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandralumbar spine density
31Calcium, dietary intakeCa dietmg/dayIuliano-Burns, Sandra
32Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandradietary Ca
33Energy, dietary intakeEnergy dietkJ/dayIuliano-Burns, Sandra
34Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandradietary energy
35Proteins, dietary intakeProteins dietg/dayIuliano-Burns, Sandra
36Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandradietary protein
37Fat, dietary intakeFat dietg/dayIuliano-Burns, Sandra
38Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandradietary fat
39Carbohydrates, dietary intakeCHO dietg/dayIuliano-Burns, Sandra
40Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandradietary carbs
41Alcohol, dietary intakeAlcohol dietg/dayIuliano-Burns, Sandra
42Standard deviationStd dev±Iuliano-Burns, Sandradietary alcohol
126 data points

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