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Below, Raimond (1984): (Figure 3) Distribution of dinoflagellate cysts in the late Albian of DSDP Hole 79-547B. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Below, R (1984): Aptian to Cenomanian dinoflagellate cysts from the Mazagan Plateau, Northwest Africa (Sites 545 and 547, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 79). In: Hinz, K; Winterer, EL; et al. (eds.), Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office), 79, 621-649,

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Latitude: 33.780700 * Longitude: -9.349700
Date/Time Start: 1981-05-03T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1981-05-03T00:00:00
Minimum Elevation: -3938.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -3938.0 m
79-547B * Latitude: 33.780700 * Longitude: -9.349700 * Date/Time: 1981-05-03T00:00:00 * Elevation: -3938.0 m * Penetration: 1030 m * Recovery: 153.2 m * Location: North Atlantic/PLATEAU * Campaign: Leg79 * Basis: Glomar Challenger * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 36 cores; 305.5 m cored; 0 m drilled; 50.1 % recovery
Species abundance: D = dominant (>100 specimens), A = abundant (51-100), C = common (21-50), F = few (4-20), R = rare (1-3), - = absent.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1StageStageBelow, Raimond
2Sample IDSample IDBelow, RaimondPal inst. Collection No.
3Sample code/labelSample labelBelow, RaimondODP sample designation
4Oodnadattia alataO. alataBelow, Raimond
5Maghrebinia chleuhM. chleuhBelow, Raimond
6Hystrichosphaeridium arundumH. arundumBelow, Raimond
7Litosphaeridium conispinumL. conispinumBelow, Raimond
8Cyclonephelium brevispinatumC. brevispinatumBelow, Raimond
9Florentinia radiculataF. radiculataBelow, Raimond
10Odontochitina operculataO. operculataBelow, Raimond
11Pervosphaeridium truncatumP. truncatumBelow, Raimond
12Oligosphaeridium complexOligosphaeridium complBelow, Raimond
13Subtilisphaera cheitS. cheitBelow, Raimond
14Spiniferites multibrevis seghirisS. multibrevis seghirisBelow, Raimond
15Surculosphaeridium trunculumS. trunculumBelow, Raimond
16Trichodinium castaneaT. castaneaBelow, Raimond
17Systematophora silybaS. silybaBelow, Raimond
18Trabeculodinium quinquetrumT. quinquetrumBelow, Raimond
19Cribroperidinium tensiftenseC. tensiftenseBelow, Raimond
20Florentinia stellataF. stellataBelow, Raimond
21Lithosphaeridium siphoniphorumL. siphoniphorumBelow, Raimond
22Prolixosphaeridium conulumP. conulumBelow, Raimond
23Cleistosphaeridium clavulumC. clavulumBelow, Raimond
24Cometodinium whiteiC. whiteiBelow, Raimondgenus questionable
25Gonyaulacysta cretaceaG. cretaceaBelow, Raimond
26Codoniella campanulataC. campanulataBelow, Raimond
27Coronifera oceanicaC. oceanicaBelow, Raimond
28Florentinia mantelliiF. mantelliiBelow, Raimond
29Gonyaulacysta helicoideaG. helicoideaBelow, Raimond
30Maghrebinia perforata perforataM. perforata perforataBelow, Raimond
31Spiniferites ancoriferum ancoriferumS. ancoriferum ancoriferumBelow, Raimond
32Subtilisphaera scabrataS. scabrataBelow, Raimond
33Chlamydophorella nyeiC. nyeiBelow, Raimond
34Hapsocysta dictyotaH. dictyotaBelow, Raimond
35Maghrebinia perforataM. perforataBelow, Raimond
36Occisucysta mazaganensisO. mazaganensisBelow, Raimond
37Oligosphaeridium asterigerumO. asterigerumBelow, Raimond
38Oligosphaeridium irregulareO. irregulareBelow, Raimond
39Pervosphaeridium pseudhystrichodiniumP. pseudhystrichodiniumBelow, Raimond
40Polysphaeridium warreniiP. warreniiBelow, Raimond
41Kiokansium corollumK. corollumBelow, Raimond
42Occisucysta coummiaO. coummiaBelow, Raimond
43Oligosphaeridium totum minorO. totum minorBelow, Raimond
44Spiniferites multibrevis ghiranS. multibrevis ghiranBelow, Raimond
45Oligosphaeridium totum totumO. totum totumBelow, Raimond
46Oligosphaeridium albertenseO. albertenseBelow, Raimond
47Cyclonephelium compactumC. compactumBelow, Raimond
48Achomosphaera ramuliferaA. ramuliferaBelow, Raimond
49Spiniferites cf. wetzeliiS. cf. wetzeliiBelow, Raimond
50Achomosphaera triangulataA. triangulataBelow, Raimond
51Cribroperidinium cooksoniaeC. cooksoniaeBelow, Raimond
52Dissiliodinium globulumD. globulumBelow, Raimond
53Exochosphaeridium bifidumE. bifidumBelow, Raimond
54Oligosphaeridium poculumO. poculumBelow, Raimond
55Palaeoperidinium cretaceumP. cretaceumBelow, Raimond
56Pterodinium cingulatum cingulatumP. cingulatum cingulatumBelow, Raimond
57Aptea eisenackiiA. eisenackiiBelow, Raimond
58Cyclonephelium cf. membraniphorumC. cf. membraniphorumBelow, Raimond
59Exochosphaeridium phragmitesE. phragmitesBelow, Raimond
60Cleistosphaeridium multispinosumC. multispinosumBelow, Raimond
61Hapsocysta peridictyaH. peridictyaBelow, Raimond
62Hexagonifera cf. chlamydataH. cf. chlamydataBelow, Raimond
63Fromea amphoraF. amphoraBelow, Raimond
64Tanyosphaeridium regulareT. regulareBelow, Raimond
65Oodnadattia tuberculataO. tuberculataBelow, Raimond
66Cyclonephelium distinctumC. distinctumBelow, Raimond
67Cassiculosphaeridia reticulataC. reticulataBelow, Raimond
68Eyrea nebulosaE. nebulosaBelow, Raimond
69Prolixosphaeridium parvispinumP. parvispinumBelow, Raimond
70Chlamydophorella discretaC. discretaBelow, Raimond
71Ovoidinium scabrosumO. scabrosumBelow, Raimond
72Canningia ringnesiorumC. ringnesiorumBelow, Raimond
73Coronifera tubulosaC. tubulosaBelow, Raimond
74Hystrichodinium pulchrumH. pulchrumBelow, Raimond
75Occisucysta sousensisO. sousensisBelow, Raimond
76Spiniferites lenziiS. lenziiBelow, Raimond
77Hystrichosphaeridium cf. arundumH. cf. arundumBelow, Raimond
78Polysphaeridium sp.Polysphaeridium sp.Below, Raimondsp. sensu Below
79Oligosphaeridium pulcherrimumO. pulcherrimumBelow, Raimond
80Hystrichosphaeridium atlasienseH. atlasienseBelow, Raimond
81Spiniferites multibrevis multibrevisS. multibrevis multibrevisBelow, Raimond
82Cyclonephelium paucimarginatumC. paucimarginatumBelow, Raimond
83Pterodinium cornutumP. cornutumBelow, Raimond
84Callaiosphaeridium trycheriumC. trycheriumBelow, Raimond
85Cribroperidinium orthocerasC. orthocerasBelow, Raimond
86Florentinia berranF. berranBelow, Raimond
87Florentinia resexF. resexBelow, Raimond
88Kiokansium polypesK. polypesBelow, Raimond
89Muderongia perforataM. perforataBelow, Raimond
90Odontochitina cribropodaO. cribropodaBelow, Raimond
91Spiniferites ramosus ramosusS. ramosus ramosusBelow, Raimond
92Ovoidinium diversumO. diversumBelow, Raimond
1134 data points

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